LeBron Considering Magic Johnson's $1 Million To Compete In The Dunk Contest

LeBron's been on a highly-publicized tear recently, where he's completed insane dunk after insane dunk in the layup line while dressed in full sweats to prove to everyone, we guess, that even though he's not going to compete in the dunk contest, he would win if he tried. Then when people took to Twitter to bash James… »3/03/13 4:25pm3/03/13 4:25pm

The Slam Dunk Contest Must Now Happen Without Jeremy Lin And A Couch

Jeremy Lin was all set to help Knicks teammate Iman Shumpert at Saturday's NBA slam dunk contest. But because Shumpert has missed the team's last two games with knee tendinitis, he had to bow out. Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz will take Shumpert's place. And now that he's out, Shumpert revealed to the New York Post »2/23/12 11:50am2/23/12 11:50am

Jeremy Lin Will Be In The Slam Dunk Contest, Sort Of

What? You thought Linsanity wasn't going to be part of all-star weekend? David Stern knows a good thing when he sees it and, this morning, the NBA confirmed that Lin will participate in the Haier shooting stars competition, making the Knicks guard eligible to help out his teammate Iman Shumpert, who's competing in the… »2/16/12 12:35pm2/16/12 12:35pm

And Here's The Inevitable Blake Griffin Kia Commercial

A lot of us really enjoyed the NBA Slam Dunk Contest last weekend, which brought back a little luster to an informal, if hotly debated demonstration of the sport's signature play. Well, the climax of the contest wasn't a contest at all, nor a schoolyard top-this played out on a grand stage. No, we were all watching … »2/25/11 5:00pm2/25/11 5:00pm