Watch Miami Heat Players Struggle Through Karaoke Songs

Welp, it sounds like Victor Oladipo is the outlier. In a commercial for an upcoming charity karaoke event, Shane Battier enlisted a few of his teammates to flex their vocal chords, equipped with ridiculous wigs and other props. The results were not pretty. » 1/08/14 5:34pm 1/08/14 5:34pm

LeBron James Saved Christmas With These Two Dunks

Usually, a LeBron James dunk is a thing of power, grace, and a little too much efficiency. All the power of a locomotive, and all the creativity of one as well. So when LeBron and Dwyane Wade interrupted whatever idle conversations you were having with your relatives yesterday with two preposterous alley-oops, the… » 12/26/13 10:29am 12/26/13 10:29am

LeBron Calls Out Former Celtics For Being Hypocrites About Ray Allen

When Ray Allen took less money to leave Boston and come to Miami—and win a championship—he took heat from his former Celtic teammates. Kevin Garnett "lost" his cell phone number. Jason Terry challenged his "willingness to stick with the tough times." Paul Pierce said he couldn't forgive Allen. Even coach Doc Rivers the… » 10/18/13 11:01am 10/18/13 11:01am

Dwyane Wade And Kevin Durant Are Now Feuding, Or Something

In a recent interview, Kevin Durant said that he thought his former teammate James Harden was a better basketball player than Dwyane Wade. That's a pretty uncontroversial thing to say, but it was enough to goad Wade into responding on social media. And Wade's response was enough to get a passive-aggressive tweet out of … » 9/25/13 10:35am 9/25/13 10:35am

Report: Dwyane Wade's Divorce Already At $10 Million In Legal Bills

His ex-wife's public meltdown on a Chicago street corner last month was the best indication yet that Dwyane Wade's divorce has been an utter shitshow. And while Wade did reach a $5 million settlement with his ex, Siohvaughn Funches, a few days later, the battle over custody of their two children has since kicked things … » 8/08/13 3:46pm 8/08/13 3:46pm

Dwyane Wade's Ex-Wife Is Having A Meltdown In Downtown Chicago

A tipster just sent along the picture you see above. That's Dwyane Wade's ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches, in the middle of what appears to be some kind of meltdown. Our tipster tells us that he briefly overheard Funches ranting about "$90 million contracts" and "houses on the water." Earlier this month, Funches sued Wade over … » 7/19/13 5:06pm 7/19/13 5:06pm

Heat Celebrate Title With Pat Riley Dancing, Dwyane Wade's Deodorant

Erik Spoelstra, with his hat to the back, took a moment at the Heat's championship celebration to say that Miami "parties better than any other city in the world." Sometimes, that includes Pat Riley dancing. Or "dancing." Maybe malfunctioning? » 6/24/13 2:17pm 6/24/13 2:17pm

Miami Heat Nation Encompasses More Than Brats, Ghouls, And Idiots

When the Miami Heat won its only LeBronless title, in 2006, I was living outside Fort Lauderdale. My building fees included basic cable, which was enough to get just about every Heat game and virtually nothing else worth watching. My girlfriend at the time could tolerate basketball well enough — better, in fact, than… » 6/22/13 6:21pm 6/22/13 6:21pm