LeBron James Called This Dwyane Wade Game-Winner

Old Man Dwyane Wade's been on a nice little run lately, averaging nearly 30 points per game over his last seven. He dropped 32 on the Portland Trail Blazers last night, the most important of which came by way of this smooth, game-winning jumper at the tail end of the fourth quarter. The Blazers probably should have… » 3/19/15 9:38am 3/19/15 9:38am

Dwyane Wade Saves Ball, Throws Spectacular Behind-The-Back Pass

Up against frenemy LeBron James and the Cavaliers, Dwyane Wade is putting on an absolute show tonight. The 27 points on 11-15 through three quarters is impressive enough, but the real highlight of his night is this crazy save turned spot-on behind-the-back pass that split two defenders to Goran Dragic. Maybe even more… » 3/16/15 9:59pm 3/16/15 9:59pm

Dwyane Wade Sounds Pretty Fed Up With Hassan Whiteside 

Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside was ejected from last night's game against the Celtics after plowing straight through Celtics center Kelly Olynyk for no good reason, earning himself a one-game suspension. After the game, Dwyane Wade sounded like a man who is losing patience with Whiteside: » 3/10/15 3:14pm 3/10/15 3:14pm

Dwyane Wade Is Not Dead Yet

Dwyane Wade's Christmas day game may end up being his signature performance of the season, leading an undermanned Heat team without Chris Bosh and Josh McRoberts to a win over LeBron's Cavs. Wade poured in 31 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds and an emphatic-as-hell block on Kevin Love. » 12/27/14 5:54pm 12/27/14 5:54pm

Gabrielle Union Weds Dwyane Wade in Intimate Miami Ceremony

Yesterday, Gabrielle Union wed her fiancé/boyfriend of five years Dwyane Wade in front of family and friends. Prepare yourself for the barrage of headlines about Union's Union or how Wade Wed. » 8/31/14 11:36am 8/31/14 11:36am

Dwyane Wade's Save-The-Date Video Is Just As Corny As Everyone Else's

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are getting married on August 30, and TMZ got its hands on the save-the-date video that the couple sent to potential guests. If anything, this is evidence that the gap between Wade and Union and a typical thirty-something suburban couple isn't as wide as you might think it is. » 8/04/14 4:01pm 8/04/14 4:01pm

Kid At Dwyane Wade's Basketball Camp Demands To Know Why He Flops

If only there was video of the kid actually asking Dwyane Wade why he flops. That would be beautiful. Wade's explanation of the story is a decent consolation prize. » 7/23/14 12:20pm 7/23/14 12:20pm

Silent Video Of LeBron And Wade Talking Is A Generation's Zapruder Film

That LeBron James and Dwyane Wade flew back to Miami after James's Vegas basketball camp is likely not a major clue to either's free agency decisions (Miami is where their stuff is). But thankfully local news was on the scene to capture more than three minutes of silent video of them talking on the tarmac. » 7/11/14 11:08am 7/11/14 11:08am

LeBron Would Be Nuts To Stay In Miami, Because Dwyane Wade Is Dead

In the commotion surrounding the immediate real estate plans of LeBron James and, to a lesser extent, a supporting cosmos of NBA stars, it has gone politely unsaid that one of the summer production's principals is—and in fact has been—dead. Dwyane Wade is no longer a great or even very good NBA player, and every… » 7/10/14 5:03pm 7/10/14 5:03pm

LeBron James Wants To Get Paid Next Year

LeBron James wants teams to know that when he signs his new contract, it's going to be for the maximum salary next year, which shakes out to about $20.7 million. LeBron has never been the highest paid player on any team he's ever played on and he's looking to rectify that. » 6/30/14 9:27pm 6/30/14 9:27pm

Pat Riley Says The Heat "Don't Need To Rebuild"

The biggest question of the NBA offseason will be what becomes of the Miami Heat, who obviously cannot challenge again with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade's corpse, Chris Bosh (who is good and whatever but making a shitload of money), and the rest of the crap roster. It was perhaps Pat Riley's biggest coup getting them… » 6/19/14 3:24pm 6/19/14 3:24pm

The 2014 Heat Were Worse In The Finals Than LeBron's 2007 Cavs Team

At some point around the time Dwyane Wade was impaled, for the second time, on a doddering walkabout turnover in the paint, the wider basketball-viewing world realized that Dwyane Wade has been dead all this time, and was only now being told. But Wade was far from the only Heat carcass to wash up these Finals. » 6/16/14 12:51pm 6/16/14 12:51pm

Dwyane Wade Playing Defense Is A Mess

What you are watching is essentially 12 minutes of Dwyane Wade ambling around the court like a video game character who's been abandoned by his player. All the footage is from this year's NBA Finals series against the Spurs and it's pretty ugly for Wade. » 6/14/14 11:22am 6/14/14 11:22am

Report: Heat Looking To Add Carmelo Anthony, Create Big Four

So here's some news from ESPN's Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst that will definitely go over well with all the well-adjusted NBA fans across America: The Miami Heat are mulling over a plan that would allow them to sign current New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony in free agency this summer, while keeping LeBron James,… » 6/12/14 9:31am 6/12/14 9:31am

Bobby Ramos Was The MVP Of Game 3

After getting smoked by the Spurs with a historic shooting night, the Miami Heat had some serious questions to answer. These were not those questions. » 6/11/14 8:48am 6/11/14 8:48am

Dwyane Wade Fined $5,000 For This Ridiculous Flop

The NBA has brought swift justice against Dwyane Wade, who committed one of the most egregious flops you will ever see during last night's game against the Spurs. He will be fined $5,000 for convincing the referee that Manu Ginobili has telekinetic powers. » 6/09/14 5:29pm 6/09/14 5:29pm

Paul George Says He Blacked Out After Taking A Knee To The Head

NBA fans saw something they aren't really used to seeing during last night's game between the Heat and Pacers: a player lying motionless on the floor after taking a blow to the head. » 5/21/14 9:18am 5/21/14 9:18am

Watch Miami Heat Players Struggle Through Karaoke Songs

Welp, it sounds like Victor Oladipo is the outlier. In a commercial for an upcoming charity karaoke event, Shane Battier enlisted a few of his teammates to flex their vocal chords, equipped with ridiculous wigs and other props. The results were not pretty. » 1/08/14 5:34pm 1/08/14 5:34pm