PR Guy Pulls Colt McCoy Away From ESPN Deportes Interview: "No Means No"

Colt McCoy was the hero of tonight's big Washington win over Dallas, and so it figures that he'd be doing the run through of all the ESPN networks—given they hold the broadcast rights to Monday Night games, after all. Turns out a PR handler doesn't want McCoy talking to ESPN's Spanish-language Deportes network, though. »10/28/14 12:52am10/28/14 12:52am


"Is It Me Or Has ESPN Been Taken Over By Wetbacks?" Viewers React To Tonight's WBC ESPN Deportes Simulcast

MLB Network has exclusive U.S. rights to broadcast the World Baseball Classic, but those rights begin and end with the English language. Lacking compelling content for a slow Sunday night, ESPN elected to use its loophole in owning Spanish-language rights to simulcast its ESPN Deportes feed of tonight's Dominican… »3/10/13 8:46pm3/10/13 8:46pm

Even ESPN Deportes Is Subject To The Tebowization Of The Worldwide Leader

ESPN's Tebow obsession—one that even weaves its way into college basketball broadcasts—is so broad, it even extends to affiliate networks, as we saw yesterday during Cronómetro, the ESPN Deportes version of Pardon The Interruption. Stuffed into the rundown amongst coverage of soccer and baseball news, there he is—Tim… »11/15/12 9:00am11/15/12 9:00am

Evan Longoria's Not Making a Lot of Amigos at ESPNDeportes

Nice catch by Shysterball »10/13/08 1:45pm10/13/08 1:45pm, about a minor controversy from Evan Longoria's . It stemmed from this question, where Brown pithily asked who on the team should not sport a Rayhawk: So, not exactly a Joe Biden-like gaffe, but apparently it was enough of an unintentional slight to infuriate the Dominican population and…