Setting a Walmart Fireworks Display on Fire Is a Spectacularly Stupid Thing to Do

Not treating fireworks—aka unlicensed explosives—with the respect they deserve is one of the most dangerous thing you can do. So after a couple of pranksters in Phoenix, Arizona, thought it would be funny to start a chain reaction on a shelf full of fireworks in a Walmart, humanity has reached a new low.


Euro 2016 Match Delayed By Croatian Supporters Throwing Flares, Explosives

Today’s Czech Republic-Croatia match in Saint-Etienne suffered a five minute delay as Croatian fans flooded their corner of the pitch with flares and at least one explosive that blew up in the face of a steward who was attempting to clear the field for play—forcing Croatia players to plead with their fans to cease and…

The B-Roll Footage From Mad Max: Fury Road Is A Fun Time-Killer

For those who enjoy behind-the-scenes footage from action movies, here’s roughly 18 minutes of Mad Max: Fury Road B-roll footage. Obviously, the finished product is the most exciting, but watching various segments of the film and seeing how the insanity came to life is fun, too. Spoiler alert: The crew didn’t actually…