Fan Throws Pizza At Usher, Gets Ejected From Villanova-St. John's Game

We've all been there: you get up to grab some pizza and when you try to head back to your seats, the usher tells you to go a different way. So you throw your pizza at the usher. You have to get back to your kids with your pizza and the usher is being unreasonable. Your hands are basically tied at that point, you have… » 2/22/14 2:26pm 2/22/14 2:26pm

The Time Barry Bonds Called His Shot, And Other Great Heckling Stories

On Tuesday, we asked our readers to share their best heckling stories with us. You can read all of the stories here, but we've pulled a few of our favorites into a roundup. (Grain of salt, etc.) The one about Barry Bonds is amazing. » 2/14/14 4:29pm 2/14/14 4:29pm

Smart Suspended Three Games; TTU Claims Fan Called Him "Piece Of Crap"

Marcus Smart will sit three games as punishment for his shoving a Texas Tech fan last night in Lubbock. The Red Raiders athletic department released the above video, alongside a statement from "superfan" Jeff Orr in which he claims he only called Smart "a piece of crap." » 2/09/14 6:29pm 2/09/14 6:29pm

Taking The Train To The Super Bowl Is A Disaster

This is what happens when you don't let people drive to a football game. Thousands are trying to get to MetLife Stadium for the Super Bowl and since the NFL made less than half the total parking spaces available for the game, won't let you walk to the game and will turn around most cabs, the only practical options left … » 2/02/14 4:28pm 2/02/14 4:28pm

Texans Fan Drinks Own Piss In Irrational Display Of Loyalty

There are many baffling things about this video of a Texans fan drinking his own urine in the wake of his team's comeback performance against the Chargers late Monday night. Why does he combine jars of warm urine and cold urine? Also, why the hell is he drinking his own piss? Here he is, in his own words (NOTE: his… » 9/11/13 9:08am 9/11/13 9:08am

The Downfall Of Civilization Will Be A Foul Ball

There's no real explanation for it, but getting a foul ball—or any other ball that finds its way into the stands—is pretty exciting. It's an unexpected physical reminder of an event. I have a foul ball I got from a spring training game on my desk. I don't know why I keep it—Hey, wanna check out my Jason Giambi foul… » 6/17/13 10:32pm 6/17/13 10:32pm