Melky Cabrera's HR Broke A Car Windshield Across The Street From Fenway

Toronto's 14-1 win over Boston was an all-out pummeling, punctuated by Melky Cabrera's second home run on the night, a three-run shot in the nine-run sixth inning. Cabrera's shot to left-center, officially tracked at a disappointing 410 feet, completely cleared the stadium and cracked a car windshield across the… »7/29/14 10:02am7/29/14 10:02am

The Quasimodo Of Fenway: A Creation Of The Devil, Keeper Of The Monster, Sad About The Red Sox

He keeps his watch at night, working the ancient machinery that signals to the public the fortunes of the times. Some call him a monster, but it is within the Monster he hides from the visitors who curse him for the bad news he brings evening after evening. Some say he has gone deaf from the vitriol unleashed upon… »9/13/12 9:00am9/13/12 9:00am

Pedro Martinez And Kevin Millar Delivered A Boozy, Awkward Toast To Fenway Before Today's Game

A lengthy ceremony recognizing the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park before today's Yankees-Red Sox game came to a close with former Sox stars Kevin Millar and Pedro Martinez offering a toast, sort of, to the stadium—while sounding a bit like they'd been rehearsing it for some time. (The Red Sox are calling it the… »4/20/12 3:32pm4/20/12 3:32pm

From The Sports Guy Vault: Bill Simmons Says Tear Down Fenway Park

Let's return to the Bill Simmons Archive, a collection of Boston Sports Guy columns salvaged from the defunct AOL Digital Cities. In honor of Red Sox opening day, let's look at an old column calling for the demolition of Fenway Park—and the construction of something totally new and different in its place. »4/05/12 3:20pm4/05/12 3:20pm

In 1995, An ESPN Cameraman Captured Fenway Fans Having An Over-The-Jorts Three-Way (UPDATE)

Oh, 1997. Back when we thought murdering Vince Foster was the worst our government could do. Back when we could watch both Mad About You and Caroline in the City. Back when the Red Sox were so mediocre and uninteresting that over-the-jorts horndoggery could occur in a half-empty Fenway Park. These were the lean years… »8/07/11 3:00pm8/07/11 3:00pm