How To Jerk Off In A War Zone: Servicemembers Weigh In

Last week, we published a military doctor's very useful field guide to masturbating while on active duty. Unsurprisingly, it elicited plenty of comment on the topic from experienced servicepeople, some of which we have collected for your enjoyment. Got anything to add? Leave a comment in the discussion below. » 2/19/13 7:30pm 2/19/13 7:30pm

Everything You'd Ever Want To Know About Kyna Treacy, The Girl In The…

Last Saturday, Alex Rodriguez allegedly attempted to woo a pretty lady in the stands during his team's Game 1 loss to the Detroit Tigers. Now, the object of A-Rod's affection has been identified as Kyna Treacy, Australian model and owner of her own swimwear line. If Australian tabloids are to be believed, A-Rod threw… » 10/18/12 4:10pm 10/18/12 4:10pm

Olympics Field Guide: Kerri Walsh Jennings And Misty May-Treanor,…

Names: Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor » 8/04/12 1:30pm 8/04/12 1:30pm

Situations such as this almost () undermine the utility of the Sexy Pose Threat Level Advisory System.