Amazon's Cheap Tablets are Even Cheaper Today

Amazon's Fire tablets have been surprisingly well-received given their bargain basement prices, and several of the most popular models are getting their first discounts since the holiday shopping season today. » 2/01/15 4:45pm 2/01/15 4:45pm

Last Chance to Save on Kindle Devices Before Christmas

If you've been procrastinating on your holiday shopping, and need to pick up a new e-reader, tablet, or streaming box, today's almost certainly going to be your last chance to save on an array of Amazon gadgets before Christmas. » 12/15/14 9:46am 12/15/14 9:46am

Amazon's Thanksgiving Kindle Sale Serves Up Some Tasty Discounts

Amazon's kicking off Thanksgiving with solid discounts on a number of Kindle ereaders and tablets. It's not wholly uncommon to see similar deals throughout the year, but it's nice to have them all occurring at the same time, instead of a la carte. » 11/26/14 11:43pm 11/26/14 11:43pm

Fernando Alonso's F1 Car Catches Fire Just Like A Street Ferrari

When Fernando Alonso's car started to catch fire during during the second round of practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix, he simply pulled over, got out of the car and brought over a fire extinguisher as if this were a normal, expected thing to do. » 11/07/14 5:23pm 11/07/14 5:23pm

Minor League Baseball Team's Fireworks Turn Into Stadium Fire

The Lancaster JetHawks' planned fireworks after Saturday's game quickly turned into an actual fire in the outfield wall. » 7/06/14 10:10am 7/06/14 10:10am

We Are Not in the Golden Age of Staring at Fire

People say the fire is good. I do not want to be that one who says the fire is not good. You know that one: Fire is so stupid and worthless, he says, I don't even use fire. I eat my meat raw, and I certainly don't have time to stare into flames. » 5/05/14 5:26pm 5/05/14 5:26pm

Watch a Gripping, Last-Second Rescue by the Houston Fire Department

Yesterday, a giant, still under-construction apartment complex in Houston caught on fire. The flames spread quickly, and one unlucky construction worker found himself trapped on a balcony off the building's top floor. A worker at a neighboring office captured his daring escape—he was forced to leap from one floor's… » 3/26/14 2:24pm 3/26/14 2:24pm

Here's Felix Hernandez's House On Fire

The Bellevue fire department tweeted out this picture earlier today and according to local news outlets, the home belongs to Felix Hernandez. » 11/04/13 10:35pm 11/04/13 10:35pm

Baton-Twirling Legend Causes Fire At High School Football Game

The woman who seems totally unconcerned with the flames licking her feet is named Beverly Bernardi Post. She is a legend of sorts in Topeka, Kansas baton-twirling circles and according to reader Jim, she was the "featured baton twirler" for Kansas in the 70s. Now she is lighting high school football fields on fire. » 10/14/13 9:21pm 10/14/13 9:21pm

Top Fuel Dragster Explodes, Showers Track With Shrapnel, Leaves Driver…

Upon reaching the finish line in something called the NHRA "Winternationals" today, Antron Brown was going around 300 mph when his 8,000 horsepower engine exploded, causing his two back tires to also explode. He then lost control of the car as it burst into flames and careened into the wall. It then bounced off the… » 2/17/13 11:00pm 2/17/13 11:00pm

Check Out These Rad Pictures Of An Exploding Funny Car [UPDATE: Now…

Tony Pedregon, NHRA Funny Car champion in 2007, ran into some slight difficulty in his race against Todd Lesenko on Friday in Pomona when his car blew up. (Lesenko knows how it is.) Funny cars are sort of designed to explode without incident—it's not hard to find stories about engines going up in flames the way… » 2/16/13 6:50pm 2/16/13 6:50pm

CFL Team Puts Yule Log On Stadium Video Board; Four People Call Fire…

The CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders have been getting into the holiday spirit. On the Mosaic Stadium scoreboard, the team has been running video of a Yule log, crackling gently to bring some cheer and comfort in these cold Regina nights. In the past few weeks, four people have called 911 to report a fire. » 11/30/12 10:10am 11/30/12 10:10am

Armageddon At Daytona As Juan Pablo Montoya Hits Jet Engine-Powered…

Miraculously, there were no injuries after a bizarre incident on the 160th lap of the much-delayed Daytona 500 in which Colombian driver Juan Pablo Montoya's car fell apart at just the wrong moment: as he approached a track-drying truck, complete with jet fuel-powered turbine in the back. » 2/27/12 10:24pm 2/27/12 10:24pm

A Handy Map Of Where To Burn Your Couches When WVU Beats/Loses To LSU

Before the season began, WVU and Morgantown officials decided to crack down on the Mountaineer tradition of burning couches after big wins (and big losses). They aren't kidding around, making the celebratory pyre a felony arson charge. The new rules face their greatest test Saturday night, as No. 2 LSU comes to… » 9/19/11 1:30pm 9/19/11 1:30pm

Here's Video Of Smoke From Last Night's "Small Fire" At Dodger Stadium

Sometimes you have to start with nothing to end up with something. So, is the whole "insurance claim/burning the stadium down" angle offered by the Dodgers fans filming clouds of smoke at Dodger Stadium last night entirely unthinkable? » 5/29/11 1:00pm 5/29/11 1:00pm

OK, Who's The Fool Oregon Fan That Started A Fire At The Civil War Game?

Cops are circulating photos and video of this man, who burned a shirt on the field after Oregon's win over OSU. The fire spread to the turf, causing $1500 worth of damage. » 12/08/10 2:45pm 12/08/10 2:45pm

Man Lights Rival Soccer Fan In Sheep Costume On Fire

The Hibernian supporter was playing with his lighter when the Aberdeen fan — in a homemade sheep costume — went up in flames. The weirdest part? This is the second such case in the UK this year. » 8/27/10 2:40pm 8/27/10 2:40pm

Grounds Crew Sets Fire To Baseball Field To Dry It

"It seemed like a good idea at the time" is a phrase that doesn't bode well. But rarely has there been so obviously not a good idea as burning a baseball field with diesel fuel to dry it out after it rains. » 8/02/10 12:00pm 8/02/10 12:00pm