Former NFL Player Kris Jenkins Is Still A Fan Of Paula Deen

We can add Kris Jenkins, former all-pro defensive tackle for the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers, to the list of people who don't think all that n-word business that's currently sinking Paula Deen's career is a very big deal. » 6/26/13 12:23pm 6/26/13 12:23pm

Our Drew Magary Applied For A Spot On Chopped; This Is His Application

I watch a shitload of Chopped, the Food Network show where four chefs are forced to create a three-course meal in 80 minutes using random crap like smoked donkey penises and Taiwanese shitfruit. And reader Jim recently alerted me that the show was going to have a special episode dedicated to amateurs. Well, the second… » 7/09/12 2:55pm 7/09/12 2:55pm