Brewers Girl Promises To Bring Her "Best Cleavage" Tomorrow Night

Arizona and Milwaukee are down to a fifth and deciding NLDS game at Miller Park, and our old friend "Front-Row Amy" (aka Brewers Girl) has let it be known she is ready to do her part. We look forward to seeing what she'll wear to draw the attention of Ian Kennedy, the Diamondbacks' projected starter, and to the screen… » 10/06/11 3:55pm 10/06/11 3:55pm

Found: Brewers Girl Is "Front-Row" Amy Williams, And She's Enjoying…

We dispatched the I-Team yesterday to solve the mystery of the lady who sits behind home plate at many Milwaukee Brewers games. A reader wanted to know who she was, presumably so she could spread her joy and Brewers fandom with the world at large. » 8/29/11 7:25pm 8/29/11 7:25pm