We Have a Rape Gif Problem and Gawker Media Won't Do Anything About It

Working at Gawker Media is a dream job for many of the women on staff here at Jezebel. This is a place that takes chances on developing writers, that has always stood behind us no matter what. But it's time the company had its feet held to the fire. » 8/11/14 12:24pm 8/11/14 12:24pm

Gawker Media Seeks Brave Interns To Navigate Nasty Comments Section

Those of you out there with ninja aspirations at some of the other Gawker web properties may be interested in this opportunity. No sex required. » 12/18/09 4:13pm 12/18/09 4:13pm

Apparently, Jose Lima Isn't The Only Singer Out There

If you weren't satisfied with Bill Simmons' iTunes mix — remember, by the way, tonight's Mr. Simmons' curious appearance on "The Colbert Report," so set Tivos to "stun" — our friendly overlords at Gawker Media are here to help. » 9/14/06 4:15pm 9/14/06 4:15pm