Redskins Lied About Not Paying Horrible People To Defend Team Name

This became news a few days ago—the Friday evening before the Super Bowl, to be exact. Because of that timing, we can only assume the Redskins didn't want anyone to notice. Don't let them get away with it. » 2/04/14 4:28pm 2/04/14 4:28pm

Senate Candidate George "Macaca" Allen Busts His Own Bracket For Local…

That damned West region. Norfolk State really messed things up for most of us, but Virginia Senate candidate George Allen didn't need any help. He made a mess of things all by himself. After what must have been a lot of tossing and turning, Allen eventually picked Norfolk State—presumably upon learning that Norfolk… » 3/25/12 3:54pm 3/25/12 3:54pm