In Most Annoying Twitter Fight Ever, Rick Reilly Defends George Will From Donald Trump

Donald Trump, when he's not questioning Barack Obama's citizenship or trying to revive his years-old slap-fight with Rosie O'Donnell, sometimes says funny things on Twitter. Not "ha-ha" funny things, but "your weird uncle walking around with his robe open at Thanksgiving" funny things. » 5/29/12 3:32pm 5/29/12 3:32pm

Dan Snyder Explains Why He's Being A Prick

Dan Snyder explains himself and his newly refiled lawsuit this morning over at Fred Hiatt's bullshit emporium. The piece contains all the spoon-banging you've come to expect from Snyder — "I am not thin-skinned" is probably the most ridiculous assertion on that op-ed page since whatever George Will wrote last week —… » 4/26/11 12:15pm 4/26/11 12:15pm