DeAndre Jordan Slams Home A Lob From The Middle Of The Paint

It is only the second quarter, but the Clippers are winning by 30 because of plays like this. It's okay Brook, you've got some company. » 1/22/15 11:37pm 1/22/15 11:37pm

David Blatt Plunked By Errant Pass

Cleveland handily dispatched Chicago tonight for their third straight win, continuing to right the ship after going 1-7 with that LeBron James fellow out injured. But while the heat on coach David Blatt's seat has somewhat dissipated—and he's not been moved around by James in a few nights—his life is still chockablock… » 1/19/15 11:54pm 1/19/15 11:54pm

Watch This OSU Cheerleader Get Nuked In Three Photos

We're not exactly sure how it happened, but here's a great three-photo sequence from photographer Tom Pennington of Ohio State emerging from the tunnel, which we've turned into a GIF I've now watched 50 times. » 1/12/15 9:44pm 1/12/15 9:44pm

Jimmy Butler Is A Bad, Bad Man

We already gushed over Jimmy Butler last week so no need to repeat it, but man is he fun to watch. Here he is throwing down a backdoor cut (down the middle of the court) alley-oop, just minutes after he absolutely stuffed James Harden to the ground on an attempted end-of-quarter buzzer beater. » 1/05/15 9:25pm 1/05/15 9:25pm

Meet "The Saddest Man In Brazil"

He's been dubbed "the saddest man in Brazil," after cameras caught caught him hugging his replica World Cup trophy during Brazil's blowout loss, his face twisted by emotion. But don't you worry about the man who'd rather call himself "Gaúcho da Copa"—he's led just about the best life a soccer fan can lead. » 7/09/14 11:56am 7/09/14 11:56am

Visualized: Every Shot From Germany's Dominant First Half Over Brazil

This, from The New York Times's live coverage of Germany's 7-1 drubbing of Brazil yesterday, is just the saddest. It only tracks the first half, but that's where all the damage was done. The Germans scored five goals on 10 shots, nine of which were on target, while Brazil bookended the half with two lonely shots. » 7/09/14 9:49am 7/09/14 9:49am

This Is One Ugly Photo Finish

Today's first ski cross quarterfinal heat featured a big crash just before the finish, taking out three skiers and allowing Switzerland's Armin Niederer to cross first. But only second place would join him in the semis—who could slide the fastest? » 2/20/14 11:36am 2/20/14 11:36am

Behold the absolute mind-bogglery of a knuckleball in flight

MLB pitcher R.A. Dickey* slings an erratic knuckleball pitch, posing a challenge for batter and catcher alike. The ball has been colorized to highlight its almost total lack of spin, which usually serves to stabilize the ball's trajectory. » 1/05/14 10:17am 1/05/14 10:17am

Manny Machado Injured His Knee And Everything Is Awful

Orioles do-it-all third baseman Manny Machado was running out an infield hit in the seventh inning of today's game against the Rays, when he stepped awkwardly on the corner of the bag and collapsed in a heap. He was removed from the field on a stretcher. » 9/23/13 6:06pm 9/23/13 6:06pm

We Have Our First Ball-Spinning Penalty!

Sidney Rice can't say the NFL didn't warn everyone. As threatened in preseason, spinning the ball "at" an opponent is good for an unsportsmanlike conduct flag. » 9/15/13 11:03pm 9/15/13 11:03pm

The Patriots Win Ugly As Tom Brady Looks Ready To Murder His Receivers

Last night's 13 New England win over the Jets was a godsend for fans of frustrated and furious Tom Brady reaction images. Fans of football? Not so much. » 9/13/13 9:09am 9/13/13 9:09am

Ndamukong Suh Likely Won't Be Suspended For Dirty Block

You can see Suh at the end of this gif, making a low block from a 90-degree angle on Vikings center John Sullivan during an interception return Sunday. He swears he wasn't aiming for the knees. The NFL apparently agrees. » 9/10/13 9:20am 9/10/13 9:20am

ASU Player Trips During Entrance, Repeatedly Gets Run Over

Just last week we were taken by the "Tillman Tunnel," the newest addition to Sun Devil Stadium. But we didn't realize that things didn't go so well once they got onto the field. » 9/09/13 3:50pm 9/09/13 3:50pm

This Dive Is Why Matt Besler Is Suspended For The Mexico Match

USMNT defender Matt Besler was carrying a yellow into Friday's World Cup qualifier against Costa Rica. One more, and he'd have to sit out the next match. This is how he "earned" it. » 9/09/13 11:56am 9/09/13 11:56am

Redskins LB Tackles Two Bucs At The Same Time

The Maginot Line provided more protection than tackle Mike Remmers. At least the Germans had to waste time going around it. Remmers merely found himself in in the way of Rob Jackson, and suffered the consequences. » 8/30/13 1:35pm 8/30/13 1:35pm

Entire Team Pranks QB By Playing Dead

Tonopah Valley (Ariz.) played a fun little trick on its QB. At the snap, they all hit the deck. The only thing that would have made it funner is if the pass rushers kept coming. » 8/29/13 5:38pm 8/29/13 5:38pm

Rafael Nadal Is Filthy And Should Be Regulated

This entire point, from early on in Nadal's clinical straight-sets administration of American Ryan Harrison, is lovely. But do watch the slow-motion spin of Rafa's overhead finisher, from somewhere out in College Point. Physics is fun. » 8/27/13 9:36am 8/27/13 9:36am