Here Is Former Penn State President Graham Spanier's Response To The Freeh Report

As we told you yesterday, former Penn State president Graham Spanier launched a media offensive that began with a press conference during which his lawyers excoriated the Freeh report and its findings. Later, the New Yorker published a Q&A with Spanier, and Josh Elliot did an interview with Spanier that aired last… »8/23/12 1:45pm8/23/12 1:45pm


In 1998, Buying $400 Worth Of Clothes For A Player Got You Banned From Penn State. Being Investigated For Child Sexual Assault Did Not.

One of the central themes of the Freeh Report is the hopelessly twisted moral compass of the former Penn State administration. The report concludes that university leaders were far more concerned with protecting the school from bad publicity than they were with protecting the victims of abuse: »7/12/12 10:55am7/12/12 10:55am

Here Is The Official Report Of Louis Freeh's Investigation Into Penn State

The findings of the former FBI director Louis Freeh's months-long inquiry into Penn State has just been made public on the Freeh Group's website. There's much to parse through, and obviously many questions to be asked. We've already shown you some preliminary documents we believe were preparation materials for the 10… »7/12/12 9:05am7/12/12 9:05am