NFL Says Marky Mark Is Full Of Shit, And Roger Goodell Never Called Him To Complain About Ballers

When former Funky Bunch boss Marky Mark claimed to Mike & Mike that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had contacted him personally to lodge complaints about HBO’s Ballers, we called bullshit. Not only is Goodell too busy with more important things to bother with that kind of task, but even if he weren’t he’d call someone…


Marky Mark Claims Roger Goodell Personally Called Him To Complain About Ballers [UPDATE]

Yeah. Can you feel it baby? Thus start the lyrics to Marky Mark’s 1991 and only hit “Good Vibrations,” but if the former Funky Bunch leader is to be believed Roger Goodell’s answer is “No. I am not feeling it,” if the inquiry is in regard to HBO’s series Ballers, of which the retired rapper is an executive producer.

Here's Will Ferrell's At-Bat In Ferrell Takes The Field, Which Was A Drag Otherwise

Spoiler Alert: They don’t really let Will Ferrell pitch in Ferrell Takes the Field, his stunt HBO doc where he plays every position (plus designated hitter) for 10 different MLB teams during one day of 2015 spring training action in Arizona. No, in his 90-second stint with the Dodgers, he throws one quote-unquote…