Melvin Gordon Could Break The Heisman's Quarterback Streak

Melvin Gordon's record-breaking shitstomping of Nebraska made it clear this season is the best chance a running back has had at the Heisman in years. Gordon's only the second player to reach 1,900 yards through 10 games since 2000. And his yards per attempt are 2.8 yards better than the other back to reach 1,900 this… »11/19/14 2:13pm11/19/14 2:13pm

How Heisman-Finalist Quarterbacks Have Changed Over The Years

It's the season for wildly premature Heisman speculation, and considering quarterbacks have won all but two Heismans since 2000 (Mark Ingram and Reggie Bush being the exceptions), a few quarterbacks and their gaudy stat lines will be in the running this year. But just how far have the goal posts moved on Heisman… »8/29/14 1:11pm8/29/14 1:11pm

This Is How The World Wound Up With That Famous Shirtless Mug Shot Of Johnny Manziel

We told you the other day all about Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, including his little arrest last June, when he was charged with three misdemeanors after a late-night fight in College Station. In a nutshell, Manziel got in a fight, a College Station municipal police officer broke up the fight, Manziel handed… »11/15/12 5:20pm11/15/12 5:20pm

The Homers At The South Bend Tribune Launch An Embarrassing Heisman Campaign For Notre Dame's Manti Te'o

It happens every season in college football. Player A is primed to have a breakout season, and before long an earnest push for his Heisman candidacy has begun. Websites are started. Facebook pages pop up. Highlight reels get uploaded to YouTube. Members of the Football Writers Association of America start getting all… »10/12/12 4:15pm10/12/12 4:15pm

How A Heisman Finalist's Penis Ended Up On The Internet

We already knew LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu was a pro. Forget his onfield play; dude already had an awesome nickname and a failed drug test. But yesterday turned out to be the ultimate rite of passage for Mathieu, as he knocked two major accomplishments off his star athlete checklist in one day: get nominated for a… »12/06/11 11:15am12/06/11 11:15am

Ray Guy's Three Super Bowl Rings Ended Up Being Worth $96,216

Old Raiders punter Ray Guy went bankrupt. So, a judge told Ray Guy to sell off the hand jewels he received for participating in Super Bowl victories over the Vikings, Eagles and Redskins. No word on who made off with the rings via Nate D. Sanders Auctions — "Sorry, I can't disclose the winning bidder," wrote Sam… »8/11/11 1:00am8/11/11 1:00am

The Highest Bid For Rashaan Salaam's Heisman Trophy Ring Is Currently $1,611

In 1994, Rashaan Salaam ran for 2,055 yards and became the University of Colorado's lone Heisman Trophy winner because of it. In 2011, with the economy apparently taking a toll on his business of "marketing mixed martial arts around the world," Salaam has put the 20+ diamond ring he won for fleet-footsmanship up for… »7/28/11 11:30pm7/28/11 11:30pm

How A College Kid's Photograph Helped Launch Denard Robinson's Heisman Candidacy

In the last two weeks, while racking up more total yardage on his own than 86 teams, Denard Robinson, Michigan's dreadlocked, dual-threat quarterback, emerged as the early favorite to win the Heisman Trophy. The longer his campaign lasts, the more it could revolve around one student's photograph. »9/17/10 1:30pm9/17/10 1:30pm