Guy Who Punched Out Belligerent Lax Bro Regrets Nothing

The word hero is thrown around so loosely these days. But the guy who decked a Syracuse lacrosse player who had attacked two random people, then dared the police to arrest him for knocking the guy out with a single punch? Hero. (Police did not arrest him, because he's a hero.) » 3/25/15 1:56pm Wednesday 1:56pm

Watch As A Hero Trucker Saves Family From Crash, Explosion, Inferno

Last Monday, a Lincoln Towncar carrying a woman and her one-year-old granddaughter T-boned an 18-wheeler after attempting to merge. The huge resulting crash, massive explosion, and raging inferno is the trifecta of horror for any driver. Or, at least it would be, if not for one heroic truck driver. » 8/17/14 10:08pm 8/17/14 10:08pm

​The "Nanny From Hell" Is an American Hero

As the story of the so-called "Nanny From Hell" continues to unfold, it becomes clearer and clearer that America is a nation of cringing dupes and shameless predators, and that most of the predators are also dupes. The coverage, very much including this site's own coverage, has been dedicated to the peculiar notion… » 7/03/14 9:00am 7/03/14 9:00am

Amazing Cat That Rescued Boy Gives First Television Interview

This morning, everyone lost their shit over Tara, the hero cat of Bakersfield who saved her owner's 4-year-old son from an unprovoked dog attack in one of the greatest cat videos of all time. Now, Tara finally speaks. Kind of. » 5/14/14 5:00pm 5/14/14 5:00pm

World's Most Awesome Cat Rescues Little Boy From Dog Attack

A Bakersfield, California boy suffered only minor injuries after what could have been a tragic dog attack was the family cat. » 5/14/14 12:00pm 5/14/14 12:00pm

NCAA Confiscates Reporter's Cat Mug

This may shock you, given its mission as a nonprofit devoted to the needs of its student-athletes, but the NCAA will fucking cut you if you threaten its corporate sponsorships. Those extend even to the drinking vessels used by media sitting courtside for tournament games. One intrepid Wall Street Journal reporter… » 4/01/14 9:13am 4/01/14 9:13am

Chipper Jones Rescued Freddie Freeman In The Snowstorm

A state of emergency has been declared in Georgia, as a rare snowstorm has dumped up to four inches across the state. Babies born on the interstate, hundreds of schoolkids unable to get home, and for Atlanta residents, it's a travel nightmare unseen in years. Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman was one of those… » 1/29/14 8:25am 1/29/14 8:25am

Your Cast Of Characters For Tonight's Super Bowl Movie

More than any sporting event this side of Air Bud, the Super Bowl is where we go for cinematic, overproduced sports theater. CBS will have 62 cameras on hand, bringing sweeping panoramas, close-ups, high-definition snot-rockets—everything you could want from a staged drama, except live and unscripted. There's even a… » 2/03/13 4:35pm 2/03/13 4:35pm

Hunter S. Thompson Was "The Bad Boy Of Our Neighborhood," According To…

Cody Winchester of the Argus Leader just posted the FBI's file on Hunter S. Thompson on his Tumblr, and it looks like the agency was keeping close tabs on Thompson during his failed bid to run for sheriff of Pitkin County, Col. in 1970. Looking through the pages, it seems that the FBI first took interest after… » 10/09/12 2:50pm 10/09/12 2:50pm

Last-Place Runner Heroically Finishes Last

Meghan Vogel was courageously bringing up the rear of the 3,200-meters at the Ohio state championships when another runner collapsed ahead of her. Eschewing the riches and glory that would have come with finishing 14th out of 15 runner, Vogel halted to help McMath to her feet. The crowd came to its feet, as a… » 6/05/12 5:15pm 6/05/12 5:15pm

Cowboys Partner With Marvel Entertainment, Nation's Superheroes Become…

We saw yesterday that no lockout could thwart a spirited Cowboy staff game of beach football. Now we learn that Cowboys brass is still wheeling and dealing, signing a deal to co-brand some garish shirts with Marvel Entertainment, the kind of garment you expect to see on kids walking barefoot behind long-vacant K-Marts. » 7/05/11 11:00pm 7/05/11 11:00pm

Bo Belinsky: Our First Original Playboy Athlete

He fucked Ann-Margret, Mamie Van Doren, Tina Louise, Connie Stevens, and he partied with Eddie Fisher, Dean Martin, and Henry Fonda. He would show up at his team's hotel at 5 a.m., "reeking of bitch and booze," a playboy from a time before Namath or Ali or the dawn of faux cool. Pat Jordan, author of A False Spring,… » 3/23/11 7:08pm 3/23/11 7:08pm

Pat Jordan Recalls Bo Belinsky: A Modern-Day Athlete From A Bygone Era

No character in sports was more authentic than Robert "Bo" Belinsky, a left-handed pitcher in the '60s. Bo personified "cool," real cool that was intrinsic to his nature, not his public persona. As a rookie, Bo pitched the first no-hitter in California major league history for the Angels. It made him a star and an… » 3/23/11 3:30pm 3/23/11 3:30pm

A Brett Favre Musical Tribute: "See My Dong"

Words fail me. Here's a video that was just sent to our tips box: a little ditty called "See My Dong" to the tune of Lionel Richie's "All Night Long," which is just pure goddamn genius. » 8/09/10 3:15pm 8/09/10 3:15pm

What Would Happen If You Drank 13 Beers While Running The San Francisco…

Everything you'd expect, really: puking, dizziness, drunk-plus-runner's-high euphoria, disgusted stares from onlookers. But this young man did it. Why? BECAUSE HE THOUGHT HE COULD. [Exercising While Intoxicated] » 7/26/10 4:40pm 7/26/10 4:40pm

Best News Lede Ever? Best News Lede Ever.

"A German court on Tuesday threw out the case of a schoolteacher against a pupil who allegedly tormented her by scrawling pictures of rabbits on the blackboard to aggravate her rabbit phobia." [The Local] (H/T Tom K.) » 7/20/10 6:20pm 7/20/10 6:20pm

Best News Lede Ever? Best News Lede Ever.

"Police responded early Friday to a call of shots fired at a home in Roberts and found a man apparently hallucinating an attack by clowns." [Pioneer Press](via DCarr) » 7/19/10 5:50pm 7/19/10 5:50pm