Ice Cube Ruins It For Everyone, Says There Was No One Particular "Good Day"

Back in January, we brought you two competing theories about the origins of Ice Cube's "It Was a Good Day." One intrepid blogger argued persuasively that Cube's good day was January 20, 1992. But another blogger debunked his case and brought in evidence from Behind the Music. He determined that Cube's good day was… »3/05/12 1:10pm3/05/12 1:10pm


Internet Correction: Ice Cube's "Good Day" Was Actually Nov. 30, 1988

When a blogger attempted to identify the exact date rapped about in Ice Cube's "It Was A Good Day," using only clues from the song, we were impressed. But a few things didn't add up about the January 20, 1992 date arrived upon. Was the Goodyear Blimp grounded that day? Did it rain in South Central? »1/31/12 10:41am1/31/12 10:41am