Ray Lewis Could Have Prevented Ravens Party Bus Brawl, Says Ray Lewis

Good news, everyone. Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, now an ESPN analyst, has some opinions about the recent party bus incident during which Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones got whacked with a champagne bottle by a stripper named Sweet Pea. What's Lewis got to say about the whole situation? Pretty much what you'd… »9/24/13 12:22pm9/24/13 12:22pm

Say Hi To Sweet Pea, The Hostess At The Center Of The Ravens Bus Brawl

Earlier today TMZ broke the story of Bryant McKinnie's birthday party, which started with a club party and ended with a fight in a party bus, reportedly sparked by a stripper breaking a bottle of Armand de Brignac over Jacoby Jones's head. OK, everyone said, sounds like a typical night out with McKinnie. But tell us… »9/23/13 4:19pm9/23/13 4:19pm

Jacoby Jones Earns Marylanders Over $600,000 In Free Furniture

That one play saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for furniture shoppers and, more importantly, it gave Gardiner's Furniture a truckload of free advertising. The deal went like this: If you shopped in the store between January 31 and 3 p.m. Super Bowl Sunday and the Ravens took either the opening kickoff or the… »2/04/13 9:55pm2/04/13 9:55pm

This Is More Or Less What Happened To The Ravens In The Third Quarter

Here's how the Ravens played in the third: A long Jacoby Jones touchdown return—bad news for the 49ers, obviously—a 34-minute power outage, punt, punt, Haloti Ngata knee sprain (which has him doubtful to return), fumble, Jacoby Jones getting enormously jacked up by Delanie Walker on a kick return. In between, the… »2/03/13 10:00pm2/03/13 10:00pm

Jacoby Jones Just Returned The Opening Kickoff Of The Second Half 109 Yards For A Touchdown

According to CBS that is an NFL record. The Ravens won the opening coin toss and deferred to the second half. The decision allowed Jones to break an NFL record and toss his hat in the ring for Super Bowl MVP alongside Joe Flacco. NFL record and two pretty exciting touchdowns? We like his chances. That is, if they… »2/03/13 8:46pm2/03/13 8:46pm

The Ravens Dig The Deep Ball: Joe Flacco And Jacoby Jones Connect For The Play Of The Super Bowl (So Far)

We've previously mentioned Baltimore's affinity for the deep ball and here is Joe Flacco, once again, successfully going long. He may have underthrown it just a bit (give him a break though, he did throw it 50 yards downfield), but Jacoby Jones helped his quarterback out. He caught the ball as he fell on his ass,… »2/03/13 8:02pm2/03/13 8:02pm