Jay Cutler Is One Fed Up Dad

I've always wondered exactly what kind of dad surly-ass Jay Cutler is. Thanks to this Instagram post from his wife, Kristin Cavallari, I now have an answer. He's exactly the kind of dad I expected him to be. » 1/26/15 12:46pm 1/26/15 12:46pm

DNAinfo asked champion bodybuilder Jay Cutler—the guy you've seen if you've ever tried to Google image search the other one—about being mistaken for quarterback Jay Cutler. "It's been a little tough for me sometimes on Twitter, especially on Mondays. There's…animosity." » 1/06/15 4:27pm 1/06/15 4:27pm

Johnny Manziel Does His Job Better Than Sports Reporters Do Theirs

Sports reporters are often like a dumb herd of sheep, heading all in the same direction at once for reasons they don't understand. Here at the end of the NFL season, they've seemingly all decided to salary-shame the players they don't like. After Browns coach Mike Pettine announced today that Johnny Manziel was done… » 12/22/14 9:30pm 12/22/14 9:30pm

Jimmy Clausen Diagnosed With Concussion After Taking Brutal Shot To Head

Late in yesterday's loss to the Detroit Lions, Bears quarterback Jimmy Clausen nearly got his damn head taken off by Ziggy Ansah at the end of a short scramble. Clausen stayed in to finish the drive, the Bears' last of the game, and now it's being reported that he experienced "delayed symptoms" of a concussion after… » 12/22/14 3:05pm 12/22/14 3:05pm

Media Falls In Love With Jay Cutler All Over Again

Despite having his quarterback gig snatched by Jimmy Clausen, Jay Cutler still had a presser today, and he handled it like a normal human being. Everyone would love to let you know how mature and nice he was after losing his job. He's smiling! He's joking! » 12/18/14 4:08pm 12/18/14 4:08pm

Report: Some Bears "Confused And Uncomfortable" Over Cutler Benching 

Perhaps the saddest part of the imminent end of the NFL regular season is that we have but 10 more days to watch the Bears melt down, before their coach, quarterback, or both, are sent packing to more functional climes. Savor this while it lasts. » 12/18/14 2:19pm 12/18/14 2:19pm

Chicago Sports Anchor To Bears: Drop Jay Cutler, Or Kill Yourselves

ABC 7 sports anchor Mark Giangreco went in on Jay Cutler and the Bears last night, calling for ownership to fire everyone, basically. He chose an, um, interesting chyron to really hammer home how dire the situation is. » 12/17/14 10:24am 12/17/14 10:24am

Jay Cutler Presser Lasts Three Questions Because Local Media Was Late

The bad Bears lost to the also bad Saints on Monday Night Football, and Jay Cutler had an awful game, throwing three interceptions as the Bears went down 24-0, and getting sacked seven times. Given how much shit Cutler gets from fans and the media (some of it deserved), and how much lame reporters love to trot out his » 12/16/14 12:38am 12/16/14 12:38am

Bears' OC Gives Tearful Apology For Criticizing Jay Cutler To Reporter

Bears offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer stood up in front of the offense earlier this week, and offered an emotional apology for telling an NFL Network reporter in a conversation that was later reported on TV that Jay Cutler's play has "killed" the Bears. Cutler, according to the Chicago Tribune, "shook his head"… » 12/12/14 8:52am 12/12/14 8:52am

Let The Burning Of The Jay Cutler Jerseys Begin

Coming off their bye week, Jay Cutler and the 3-5 Bears had plenty of time to prepare for the Green Bay Packers last night, plenty of time to patch up whatever problems gave way to a 51-23 loss to New England in Week 7. Last night's game presented a rested Bears team with some hope at getting a big win and possibly… » 11/10/14 9:56am 11/10/14 9:56am

Report: Brandon Marshall Called Out Jay Cutler In Bears' Locker Room

After a loss to an underwhelming Dolphins team, the 3-4 Bears had it out in a closed locker room—yelling, shoving, everyone right on down to the kicker getting blasted in turn. But as far as postgame meltdowns go, this has the potential to be one of the more constructive ones: behind Brandon Marshall's criticism for… » 10/20/14 9:03am 10/20/14 9:03am

Jay Cutler Looks Better When There Aren't Big Plays To Screw Up

During the second quarter of Bears-Niners last night, Cris Collinsworth was amazed by how tight the San Francisco secondary was playing Alshon Jeffery and the rest of the Chicago receivers. There was no room for simple in-routes or comebacks, let alone enough to goose an offense that was scoreless for virtually the… » 9/15/14 2:29pm 9/15/14 2:29pm

Jay Cutler Is A Goofy Press Conference Sidekick

Brandon Marshall does all of the talking here, but Jay Cutler is the one you want to keep an eye on. Watch as he disinterestedly fires off a text message, pets Brandon Marshall, and makes about three or four vintage Cutler faces. The man was in top form both on and off the field last night. » 9/15/14 10:54am 9/15/14 10:54am

Jay Cutler Was The Most Catastrophic Quarterback Of Week 1

Sunday's box score shows that Jay Cutler threw two interceptions and his team lost to the Bills. What it doesn't show is just how much of a nightmare Cutler inflicted on his team's chances. According to data from Brian Burke of Advanced Football Analytics, Cutler was responsible for three of the top six most… » 9/08/14 4:50pm 9/08/14 4:50pm

Jay Cutler Drove To Camp In A Big-Ass Van, Is Still The Best

Jay Cutler showed up to Bears training camp today driving the vehicle you see above, what Jay calls a conversion van. Cutler made it very clear that this was not a mini-van, probably because he has spawned a whole brood of mini-Cutlers and a mini-van seems like a pretty sensible option for a dad. But it's a… » 7/23/14 7:45pm 7/23/14 7:45pm

Please Vaccinate Your Children, Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler's wife, Kristin Cavallari, was a recent guest on the Fox News program The Independents. During the segment, host Kennedy (Hi, Kennedy!), made a snide remark about Jenny McCarthy's dumb anti-vaccination crusade. That's when Cavallari revealed that she and Cutler did not vaccinate their first child. » 3/13/14 5:28pm 3/13/14 5:28pm

Jay Cutler Just Got Himself A Big Contract

The Chicago Bears, via the press conference's answer to War and Peace, announced this morning that Jay Cutler has signed a seven-year extension with the team. The exact details of the contract aren't yet known, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that it will eclipse an average of $17.6 million per year and comes with "at… » 1/02/14 12:39pm 1/02/14 12:39pm