Jay Mariotti Pleads No Contest And Is Already Back on Twitter Promoting A Book

All had been quiet (for once) on the Jay Mariotti front since late June, when a California judge ordered him to stand trial on assault, domestic violence, and stalking charges stemming from an incident in which he had allegedly pulled out his ex-girlfriend's hair extensions. And now we know why: Today it was announced… »9/13/11 5:25pm9/13/11 5:25pm


More From The Jay Mariotti Hearings: Pulling Out Hair Extensions Does Not Make It OK

Last night we alerted you to the news that formerly ubiquitous ESPN pundit Jay Mariotti would stand trial in California on charges of felony stalking, domestic violence, and assault stemming from an April altercation. That came after a no-contest plea on domestic violence charges in September 2010. »6/29/11 12:10pm6/29/11 12:10pm

Jay Mariotti Will Stand Trial On Stalking, Domestic Violence, And Assault Charges

"Mariotti allegedly confronted the woman at a restaurant last Sept. 30.... He also is accused of grabbing the woman outside a Venice restaurant around midnight on April 15 of this year, pulling out a chunk of her hair and grabbing her cell phone away as he shouted at her." [BHCourier, h/t tomuban] »6/28/11 9:50pm6/28/11 9:50pm