Pro Football Hall Of Fame Calls Up Sapp, Parcells, Ogden, Allen and…

The NFL's next Hall of Fame class, just announced, has a few dudes the TV made famous. There's Bill Parcells, who made a coaching career of winning two Super Bowls with the Giants and then convincing other teams believe he might ever do it again; Cris* Carter, who just proved that even Jerry Rice Lite was Hall of Fame… » 2/02/13 7:24pm 2/02/13 7:24pm

A Pissed Off Bill Callahan Responds To Tim Brown And Jerry Rice

Someone finally got around to telling Bill Callahan that two of his former players have accused him of throwing Super Bowl XXXVII, and he is not happy. Here's a statement that Callahan released via in response to accusations by Tim Brown and Jerry Rice that he lost the Super Bowl on purpose so that former… » 1/23/13 10:10am 1/23/13 10:10am

Jerry Rice And Tim Brown Say Bill Callahan Threw Super Bowl XXXVII

Bill Callahan, the offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys, just got a promotion today. Jerry Jones took the playcalling reins away from Jason Garrett and put them in Callahan's hands. (Was Dallas's offense a problem? They ranked sixth in yards per game and 11th in Football Outsiders' DVOA stat. I guess Jerry… » 1/22/13 6:00pm 1/22/13 6:00pm

Presenting The Deadspin Fantasy Football Almanac: An Unofficial Record…

Jerry Rice Is Obviously Not The Best Football Player Of All Time

The way I see it, there were six players they could have named as No. 1 and no one could seriously object: Brown, Unitas, Payton, Montana, LT and Elway. They chose none of those. We're objecting. » 11/05/10 12:40pm 11/05/10 12:40pm

To Dan Marino, Jerry Rice Gives A Double F-U

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and internets to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 8/09/10 9:30am 8/09/10 9:30am

Jerry Rice Will Just Talk To Any Damn Magazine That Calls Him

The most incredible magazine interview ever granted by Jerry Rice to a dentistry and oral hygiene publication. Here's a sample: "There wasn't a lot of focus on protecting your teeth in high school." /socksknockedthefuckoff! [Dear Doctor] » 12/02/09 3:47pm 12/02/09 3:47pm

Jerry Rice Has Reached This Point In His Career

" Was in hotel bar lobby where Jerry Rice was having a few beverages and when he walks by a woman says “That’s the guy from “Dancing with the Stars”." [Sports Radio Interviews] » 1/31/09 11:04am 1/31/09 11:04am

Colts Fans Have Absolutely No Cajones

Here's the situation: Four amounts left on the board on the game show Deal or No Deal (NFL Edition!). One is for $1 million, and the other three are for $10,000 or less. What amount does your case hold? George Barnes here can sell his case for $189,000 — but if he does, he'll lose out on the million that may be… » 1/31/08 3:10pm 1/31/08 3:10pm

Watch Jerry Rice Crank It, Watch Jerry Rice Roll ...

Watch Jerry Rice crank dat Soulja Boy, then Super Man dat ho! I have to admit, I was impressed at how quickly Rice seemed to pick up the steps. Maybe that Dancing With the Stars bull-shit was worth it after all. And hey, is Patrick Ewing Jr. a certified Soulja Boy dance instructor or something? I sure hope Ewing… » 10/14/07 2:30pm 10/14/07 2:30pm

Unfortunately, It Appears Emmitt's Going To Be On This Show For A While

Last night, Emmitt Smith continued his inevitable decline into post-athlete career depression by "shining" on "Dancing With The Stars," impressing the judges with his ... aw, jeez, we can't even type this without feeling bad about ourselves and everything about sports. » 9/13/06 1:45pm 9/13/06 1:45pm

Jerry Rice's Tragic Downward Spiral

Our continued sympathy for legendary wide receiver Jerry Rice and the incredible difficulty he's having dealing with post-football life is well-documented, but it hit a new level today: It appears Rice, in a Rodman-esque publicity ploy, will appear on the second season of "Dancing With The Stars." » 11/14/05 1:15pm 11/14/05 1:15pm

Somebody PLEASE Let Jerry Rice Be Your Fifth Receiver

Now that Jerry Rice is retired from football, he's not going to spend all of his time simply getting "massages": He's now going to be on reality shows. Rice, along with Bo Jackson, Jennie Finch and Karl Malone, will appear on Spike TV's "Pros Vs. Joes" starting in April. » 10/20/05 5:30pm 10/20/05 5:30pm

Jerry Rice Refuses To Go Gently

We're actually starting to feel kind of bad for Jerry Rice. The guy's very possibly the best player in NFL history and, now that he has been kicked off three teams and has an opportunity to retire gracefully, he's still desperate to play some more. When asked on the CBS pregame show last Sunday what he would do if a… » 9/14/05 11:06am 9/14/05 11:06am

Jerry Rice Deep-Tissues His Way Into the Sunset

We would like to say "happy trails" to future Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice, who retired yesterday after realizing the Broncos actually expected him to run routes, catch passes and occassionally block this season. We salute Rice on his long career, particularly the work he did while hiding in a brothel's bathroom… » 9/06/05 10:18am 9/06/05 10:18am

About Last Night ...

What you missed while shaving profanities onto your dog ...
Florida State beats Miami in football ... wait, that can't be right.
Jerry Rice decides to retire after Broncos clean out his locker, paint over his parking space and refuse to let him back into the building.
White Sox grind Curt Schilling into a… » 9/06/05 9:34am 9/06/05 9:34am

Some Helpful Advice For Jerry Rice

The official word is in: Jerry Rice will play for the Denver Broncos next season. To help Jerry get around in his new digs, knowing his past proclivities, we helpfully provide him a sampling of area businesses. » 5/25/05 2:54pm 5/25/05 2:54pm