Louis Freeh's Report On Penn State Will Be Released Thursday, And "No One And Nothing Escapes Responsibility"

Thanks to a number of recent email leaks, there has been much focus of late on Joe Paterno's presumed role in Penn State's decision not to report Jerry Sandusky to child welfare authorities back in 2001. But Yahoo's Dan Wetzel has spoken to a source who assures him the focus of the report being prepared by former FBI… »7/10/12 4:30pm7/10/12 4:30pm

Karl Rominger, Jerry Sandusky's Other Lawyer, Is Here To Take Your Questions

Karl Rominger teamed with Lawyerin' Joe Amendola to defend Jerry Sandusky in Sandusky's recent child sex abuse trial. Sandusky, of course, was convicted on 45 of the 48 counts against him. But almost as soon as we introduced Rominger to our readers last month, we made one of our more pleasant discoveries in this… »7/10/12 2:00pm7/10/12 2:00pm

Records Suggest PSU Officials Knew In 2001 That Sandusky Shower Incident Involved More Than Just "Horsing Around"

The meeting supposedly took place in 2001 in response to the now infamous shower incident reported by Mike McQueary. As we learned from CNN, Penn State's trio (VP Gary Schultz, president Graham Spanier, and athletic director Tim Curley) had initially devised a three-pronged approach to dealing with the situation—speak… »7/03/12 3:52pm7/03/12 3:52pm

Leaked Penn State Emails Suggest Joe Paterno Protected Jerry Sandusky

For those still genuflecting at the altar of Paterno, this is bad. According to CNN, Penn State officials were discussing a plan of action to handle the Sandusky mess in 2001 that involved contacting child welfare services. One official spoke with Joe Paterno and the next day, that was no longer the plan. »6/30/12 9:50am6/30/12 9:50am

Report: Investigators Now Looking Into How Administrators Disciplined Penn State Football Players

We've mentioned how the Jerry Sandusky verdict is only the beginning for Penn State. There are still the ongoing investigations by the feds and by former FBI director Louis Freeh—hired by the Board of Trustees to do an independent inquiry—that could implicate what role, if any, university officials had in enabling… »6/29/12 6:00pm6/29/12 6:00pm

Jerry Sandusky's Other Lawyer Wants You To Know He Totally Called That Supreme Court Ruling

Karl Rominger and Lawyerin' Joe Amendola might be basing their appeal of Jerry Sandusky's conviction on their own ineffective lawyerin', but that doesn't mean Rominger is above shouting "Scoreboard!" when it comes to his expertise on other sorts of lawyerin'. Oh, and news organizations: He's available to comment on… »6/28/12 12:15pm6/28/12 12:15pm

Now Some Guy Who Says He's Brooks Bollinger's Cousin Has Decided To Get In On Accusing Jerry Sandusky Of Molestation [UPDATE]

Now that Jerry Sandusky has been convicted, additional victims are likely to come forward to allege he abused them. Some of those stories will be credible. Others, highly suspect. File this one under the category of "looks like lunatic bullshit." »6/27/12 12:00pm6/27/12 12:00pm

Report: Civil Suit Against Jerry Sandusky's Charity Alleges Abuse Began In The 1970s

Now that Jerry Sandusky's officially a convicted pedophile, it was only a matter of time until the avalanche of civil lawsuits against him began pouring forth. According to Johnstown, Pa., television station WJAC, the first one since last week's verdict was filed today on behalf of three of the victims Sandusky is… »6/26/12 6:30pm6/26/12 6:30pm

Juror: Mike McQueary's Testimony Was "Eye-Opening," Led Directly To Convicting Jerry Sandusky

The verdict was close to thorough, but the jury actually cleared Jerry Sandusky of three charges late Friday night. One was the alleged rape of Victim 2, the boy former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary saw Sandusky assaulting in a Penn State football building shower in 2001. McQueary's grand jury testimony, of… »6/25/12 3:30pm6/25/12 3:30pm

Fellow Inmates Reportedly Sang "Hey, Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone" To Jerry Sandusky

Following guilty verdicts on 45 of 48 counts, Jerry Sandusky was shipped off to Centre County Correctional Facility, the same facility he was initially held in December. According to a fellow inmate at the time, known only as Josh, Sandusky was on the receiving end of some a cappella ridiculing. »6/24/12 12:42pm6/24/12 12:42pm

Juror Says Sandusky Was Emotionless As He Heard The Verdict Because "He Knew It Was True"

Well that didn't take very long—one of the jurors from the Sandusky trial has shed some light on the deliberation process. Among other things, Joshua Harper told TODAY that he and the other jurors felt that Sandusky's lack of emotion when reacting to the verdict was "confirmation" that they had made the right… »6/23/12 4:31pm6/23/12 4:31pm