The Devil Is Still In Josh Hamilton (Update)

Josh Hamilton claims he's been sober since October 2005. Since then he's rejuvenated his career, saved his marriage, devoted himself to Jesus, and become America's flawed, homer-derby hero. Last winter, while he was alone in Tempe, Arizona, Hambone kinda slipped. » 8/08/09 11:00am 8/08/09 11:00am

Tebow Wins Heisman, Loves Jesus

I didn't watch the Heisman Trophy presentation show (what's the point?) but I've been assured that Tim Tebow did in fact win. As a Gator fan of some 20 years I'm quite happy for Superman, but I'm not going to bludgeon you over the head with my homerism the way Tebow does with all of that god talk. Of course it's hard… » 12/09/07 11:55am 12/09/07 11:55am