Awkward Minnesota Super Bowl "War Room" Is One Big Tiger Woods High Five

So my home state of Minnesota "won" the right to host Super Bowl LII in 2018, presumably because Zygi Wilf convinced local taxpayers to pony up for a new stadium with funds from electronic pull-tab games that haven't generated any actual revenue yet, and such triumphs must be rewarded. Anyway, since there is nothing… »5/20/14 4:46pm5/20/14 4:46pm


Dear Internet: You Are Not Doing The Harlem Shake

One thing we can always count on to make the internet a slightly more horrible place is viral dance videos. It's a remarkably dependable feature of the web. For the past few weeks that viral dance video has been the "Harlem Shake," in which a single person does a dance move that is not the actual "Harlem Shake" (but… »2/13/13 5:35pm2/13/13 5:35pm

Until A Few Minutes Ago, Duke's Official Site Featured A Women's Lacrosse Player Wearing Blackface

The picture you see above is a screenshot from an article on, the official site for Duke University athletics. In the photo are members of the women's lacrosse team, dressed up like the Little Rascals for Halloween. And wouldn't you know it, the one who dressed up as Buckwheat decided to put on blackface.… »11/12/12 9:35am11/12/12 9:35am

Tripping Basketballs: Hoopsters Are Alive And Well At The Ultra Music Festival

While we declared the end to the Hoopster trend a year and a half ago, the Hoopsters show no signs of quitting—certainly not at this past weekend's Ultra music fest in Miami. For the uninitiated, Ultra is the social event for college kids who love Ecstasy and sort of like electronic music. Here are some highlights… »3/28/12 2:05pm3/28/12 2:05pm

For Clobbering Blake Griffin, Basketball Thug Jason Smith Gets A Light Slap On The Wrist

What's the NBA penalty for deliberately knocking down a star player when he's defenseless, trying to provoke a brawl with his teammates, and then waving your arms to gloat and incite the home crowd after being ejected? Two games. File this one away for the next time David Stern gets mad about the dress code or… »3/23/12 5:16pm3/23/12 5:16pm

What Impoverished High-School Football Players Teach Us About The Virtues Of Capitalism: Nothing, Unless You Are A Lunatic Who Writes For Forbes

So I attended a Preview Screening, for free, of the Academy Oscar® Award-winning Documentary-movie Undefeated, in my capacity as a "Film Critic." Later, and not in the theater, because that's rude, while I was Internetting for fact-checking information in re the 2009 Manassas Tigers High School football team, I hit an… »3/16/12 3:28pm3/16/12 3:28pm

Gather 'Round, Grove, Draper and Ronjohn: The Lacrosse All-Name Team Is Here

What makes a great lacrosse name? There must be a whiff of old money and non-rhotic lockjaw, but it's more than that. In the spirit of Potter Stewart's test for obscenity ("I know it when I see it") and Katie Baker's beloved lacrosse family the Stanwicks (Sheehan, Wick, Coco, Tad, Steele, Wells and Covie), Inside… »12/19/11 11:25am12/19/11 11:25am

Caroline Wozniacki And Rory McIlroy Obnoxiously Remind Us That They Are Nos. 1 And 2 In The World

We should only be so cynical about young love, but young love should only give itself so many insufferable personalized nicknames and offer so many reminders that the young people in question—the Wozz in "Wozzilroy" is 21 years old and the Ilroy is 22—hold the best and second-best world rankings in their respective… »11/07/11 12:55pm11/07/11 12:55pm

Rory McIlroy And Caroline Wozniacki Give Themselves An Insufferable Couple Nickname: Wozzilroy

If you didn't know, now you now: tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and golf star Rory McIlroy have been dating for a few months. McIlroy recently made his love official by engraving a golf club with the name "Wozzilroy," which is what they have decided we will call them. We, obviously, have decided to go with McIliacki,… »9/27/11 6:30pm9/27/11 6:30pm

Fox Sports Apologizes To "The Entire USC Community" For Segment That Singled Out USC's Asian Students

Yesterday, Fox Sports aired a segment that featured Bob Oschack giving USC students a "good, old-fashioned All-American welcome" to Colorado and Utah, the newest members of the Pac-1012. The gimmick: Oshack only interviewed Asian USC students—because in the world of misguided network television humor, foreign accents… »9/03/11 12:15pm9/03/11 12:15pm

Vermont Discovers The Joy Of Low-Flying Basketball

Lots of young white men have been dunking basketballs in northern Vermont this summer. In about a decade of watching and playing a lot of high school basketball in the Green Mountain State, I saw a total of four successful dunks in live game play. One of those, I remember, came in the 2002 boys' state finals between… »8/16/11 10:40am8/16/11 10:40am

"A Good Deed Never Goes Unpunished, You Know?": Meet The Innovator Who Helped Orchestrate The Decision

There's another important American anniversary to celebrate this week, and one that we should all be congratulated for enduring together: a year ago this Friday, July 8, LeBron James settled into a director's chair at a Greenwich Boys & Girls Club and told Jim Gray about biting his fingernails. He also announced that… »7/05/11 2:50pm7/05/11 2:50pm