Jimmy Clausen Diagnosed With Concussion After Taking Brutal Shot To Head

Late in yesterday's loss to the Detroit Lions, Bears quarterback Jimmy Clausen nearly got his damn head taken off by Ziggy Ansah at the end of a short scramble. Clausen stayed in to finish the drive, the Bears' last of the game, and now it's being reported that he experienced "delayed symptoms" of a concussion after… »12/22/14 3:05pm12/22/14 3:05pm

Jimmy Clausen's Drinking Game Prowess Prompts Investigation By Notre Dame

Jimmy Clausen is the starting quarterback for Notre Dame. Last year he, along with the entire team, had a horrible season. Which was disappointing because Clausen, the nation's consensus top quarterback, committed to Notre Dame in such an understated fashion: By pulling up in a limo to the College Football Hall of… »8/05/08 12:15pm8/05/08 12:15pm