Joe Flacco Bought A Mega Millions Ticket At 7-11

Really, when you get right down to it, signing a non-guaranteed contract is like playing the lottery anyway. So there you go, NFL, your most recent Super Bowl MVP and "highest paid player" recipient of a sham $121 million contract in the off-season is playing the lottery at a chain convenience store like the rest of… » 12/21/13 4:10pm 12/21/13 4:10pm

McDonald's Has 10 Million Pounds Of Unsold Mighty Wings

This fall, McDonald's introduced Mighty Wings, those seasoning sticks vaguely flavored like chicken. Remember those commercials with Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick? They threw footballs for wings! What a world! Anyway, the promotion started with an inventory of 50 million pounds of wings, and there are still 10… » 12/19/13 8:40pm 12/19/13 8:40pm

Charts: Who Are The Best Deep Passers In The NFL?

Deep passes are the most exciting play in televised football—the viewing audience can't see the situation downfield until the ball (and the camera) make it down there, so the play always feels, in that tiny moment before we catch up, like a sure touchdown or interception. It's well known that not every QB in the… » 11/24/13 1:14pm 11/24/13 1:14pm

Denver Sports Reporter Turns Vigilante, Defaces Joe Flacco Banners

Because of scheduling complications, the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens will be playing on the road during the NFL's Thursday night opener, a game which the previous year's champion customarily gets to play at home. This has led to some awkwardness from a marketing standpoint, as the NFL has placed pro-Ravens… » 8/27/13 6:11pm 8/27/13 6:11pm

Joe Flacco's Official Shirts Are Just As Boring As You'd Expect

As we've discussed before, there is something truly endearing about Joe Flacco's willingness to present himself as the most boring man in the NFL. And if you don't think he's embraced his bland persona, please look upon the shirts pictured above, which are now available for purchase at JoeFlacco5.com. » 8/27/13 10:48am 8/27/13 10:48am