On Errors, Human Error, And R.A. Dickey's Maybe-Hitter [UPDATE]

Today, Friday, we find out if R.A. Dickey threw a no-hitter on Wednesday. The dissonance of that statement should itself tell you what the "right" answer is. A no-hitter is about the mounting pressure of the late innings, the superstitious avoidance of a pitcher in the dugout, the social aspect of calling and texting… »6/15/12 12:45pm6/15/12 12:45pm

Terry Francona Out As Manager Of Red Sox, Who Promised "No Scapegoats," To Be Replaced By (INSERT HIGH-PROFILE MANAGER HERE)

You already know the story of the Red Sox's epic collapse—an eight-and-a-half-game wild card lead, blown to bits, that 99.6 percent chance of making the playoffs, turned to zero. Now, according to pretty much every national baseball writer (Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal had it first last night), the Red Sox are going to… »9/30/11 12:25pm9/30/11 12:25pm

Joe Torre: Not Likely To Overdose At The Viper Room, But Will Be Near It

As expected, the Los Angeles Dodgers not of Anaheim will officially introduce Joe Torre as their new manager during a Monday morning press conference. The storied organization rids itself of the managerial albatross that was Grady Little, and lands a future Hall of Fame manager with four World Series rings, a dead… »11/02/07 8:55am11/02/07 8:55am