Incoming Baseball Scares The Bejesus Out Of Manchester City's Joe Hart

Manchester City are in Toronto right now on a postseason panhandling tour, and they took some time to try their hands at some of those whacky American sports. Three of them joined up with “baseball legend” (??) José Bautista to take some cuts in the batting cage. Most came off fine enough, except for the scaredy-cat,… »5/27/15 3:25pm5/27/15 3:25pm

The Toronto Blue Jays Are Out Of The AL East Basement, Barely

The Blue Jays were so far south of their preseason projections that even after a 10-game winning streak they're still the most disappointing team in baseball this season. But! After a wild 11-day charge, they've gone from 12 games back in the AL East to 6.5 back. They're now above .500 for the first time since last… »6/22/13 9:39pm6/22/13 9:39pm

Jose Bautista Might Have Been Exaggerating When He Said He's Been Tested For PEDs 16 Times In Two Years

At a banquet in the Dominican Republic last week, Bautista said he had undergone 16 PED tests in the past two seasons—since his power binge began. Yahoo's Jeff Passan reports today that this isn't strictly true, and the actual number is "not even in the ballpark" of 16. »1/31/12 3:55pm1/31/12 3:55pm