Josh Hamilton, who was called up by the Texas Rangers after a 12-game stint in the minors, will star

Josh Hamilton, who was called up by the Texas Rangers after a 12-game stint in the minors, will start for the team against the Cleveland Indians tomorrow. He will play left field and likely bat fifth. “We’re going to open our arms and give him a great big hug and welcome him,” Rangers manager Jeff Banister said of… »5/24/15 6:50pm5/24/15 6:50pm

Sociopathic Angels Blogger Posts Now-Deleted Rant About Josh Hamilton [Updates]

There are a lot of really bad blog posts on the internet. Most days, it’s a good idea for everyone to just ignore the bad blog posts, because at root they are all just derivatives of the same style of incurious, inflammatory writing. But sometimes there is a blog so bad that it cannot be ignored, like the one that was… »4/28/15 10:48am4/28/15 10:48am

The Angels Could Pay $76 Million To Make Josh Hamilton Go Away [Update]

It’s official: Josh Hamilton is a Texas Ranger again. The Angels will receive “cash considerations or a player to be named later,” or, in the common parlance, nothing. They will also send along an absurdly large amount of money just to be done with Hamilton. And they deserve to lose every zero on those checks. »4/27/15 4:30pm4/27/15 4:30pm

The Angels Remain Unhappy That They Have To Pay Josh Hamilton

The Angels just can’t hide their disappointment about having to continue to pay Josh Hamilton. Last night, before the Angels home opener, owner Arte Moreno told the assembled reporters that there was a relapse clause in Hamilton’s contract, and that the team was debating whether to invoke it. Moreno’s words stand in… »4/11/15 2:56pm4/11/15 2:56pm

Josh Hamilton Will Not Be Suspended For Relapse [Update]

With MLB and union appointees deadlocked on the issue of whether Josh Hamilton’s relapse was a suspendable offense, the decision fell to an independent arbitrator. The arbitrator has made the call: Hamilton didn’t violate the terms of his treatment program, will not be punished, and is eligible to play immediately. »4/03/15 12:18pm4/03/15 12:18pm

Harold Reynolds Announces Revolutionary Findings In Physics

As Yasiel Puig and Josh Hamilton recently found out, sliding into first base is a dumb idea. It is, first, a good way to get hurt, and also everyone knows that it doesn't get you to the bag any faster, because the gains you make by getting closer to the bag are canceled out by negative acceleration and friction. What… »4/11/14 1:39pm4/11/14 1:39pm

Josh Hamilton Says Dallas Isn't A Baseball Town, "True Baseball Fans" Won't Boo Him When He Returns

Josh Hamilton's in Anaheim now, after five up-and-down seasons in Texas. It was mostly down at the end, as the Rangers choked away the division and bowed out in a one-game playoff, with Hamilton hearing boos down the stretch for his declining numbers. (He blamed it in part on quitting tobacco.) »2/18/13 4:50pm2/18/13 4:50pm