How Long Will Josh Hamilton Be Suspended?

I (and others) believe that Josh Hamilton should not be suspended, if only because every drug or alcohol relapse he's had has occurred when he's away from baseball. Many addicts need structure; every addict benefits from staying busy. But it's seemingly not a question of if the Angels outfielder will be suspended for… » 2/27/15 9:52am Today 9:52am

Harold Reynolds Announces Revolutionary Findings In Physics

As Yasiel Puig and Josh Hamilton recently found out, sliding into first base is a dumb idea. It is, first, a good way to get hurt, and also everyone knows that it doesn't get you to the bag any faster, because the gains you make by getting closer to the bag are canceled out by negative acceleration and friction. What… » 4/11/14 1:39pm 4/11/14 1:39pm

Josh Hamilton Says Dallas Isn't A Baseball Town, "True Baseball Fans"…

Josh Hamilton's in Anaheim now, after five up-and-down seasons in Texas. It was mostly down at the end, as the Rangers choked away the division and bowed out in a one-game playoff, with Hamilton hearing boos down the stretch for his declining numbers. (He blamed it in part on quitting tobacco.) » 2/18/13 4:50pm 2/18/13 4:50pm

The Angels Sign Josh Hamilton, Have A Terrifying Lineup

Josh Hamilton is officially an Angel after agreeing to a five-year, $125 million deal with the team. The Angels now have a lineup that is built around the best player in baseball in Mike Trout, and two guys who are still capable of claiming that title as their own in Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton. The rest of the… » 12/13/12 3:25pm 12/13/12 3:25pm

Nolan Ryan Says Josh Hamilton Should Have Waited Until The Offseason To…

Josh Hamilton had a gangbusters first two months of the season, and then, suddenly, fell off a cliff. His past drug and alcohol problems, combined with some cryptic statements about "disobedience to God," put everyone on high alert. But in August, he revealed that he was struggling with a demon less illicit, if no… » 10/10/12 10:40am 10/10/12 10:40am

Josh Hamilton's Off Limits List Keeps Getting Longer

Josh Hamilton has not played in a game since he took himself out against the Angels with what was then called a "sinus problem." He has missed the better part of a week since. For a while there, people weren't sure what was going on. Migraines, sinus headaches, depressed levels of intestinal fortitude. Hamilton said… » 9/24/12 9:30pm 9/24/12 9:30pm

Something Weird Is Going On With Josh Hamilton

Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton began this season looking like he might win the triple crown as he spent the months of April and May knocking the shit out of the ball. At the end of May, he was sporting a .344/.405/.781 slash line, along with 12 home runs and 32 RBI. .368/.420/.764 slash line along with 21 home runs… » 8/02/12 4:35pm 8/02/12 4:35pm

Josh Hamilton Is Hitting Baseballs Like Crazy

Josh Hamilton currently has 17 home runs. That is five better than his nearest competition, Matt Kemp and Carlos Beltran. Obviously Hamilton's had a pretty good week. After hitting four home runs in one game, Hamilton had two more last night against the Angels—adding another layer to the fun game Things That Are More… » 5/12/12 11:45am 5/12/12 11:45am

Josh Hamilton Launched His Bat Into The Stands, And A Fan Caught It On…

It's the refrain of unimaginative baseball broadcasters whenever a fan makes a nice foul ball catch: "Sign that guy to a contract!" I'm not sure what the proper response is when a fan catches a bat that's been weaponized by the big swing and poor grip of Josh Hamilton, but if you were expecting the… » 4/12/12 3:16pm 4/12/12 3:16pm