Why Is Katie Couric Letting Floyd Mayweather Smear His Victims?

Katie Couric is a serious journalist. She was the first woman to anchor a network evening news broadcast without a male co-host. She has been a frontline star for all three major television networks. Her interview with Sarah Palin in 2008 may have singlehandedly changed the course of American history. She knows what… »4/15/15 9:39pm4/15/15 9:39pm

Katie Couric's Next Big Interview Is With Joe Paterno's Widow

Fresh off her big sit-down with Manti Te'o, Katie Couric scored an interview with Sue Paterno, the widow of the late Penn State head football coach. The segment, which is scheduled to air Monday, will mark the first time Sue Paterno has spoken to the media in any detail since Jerry Sandusky's arrest in November 2011,… »2/05/13 3:00pm2/05/13 3:00pm

Manti Te'o's Interview With Katie Couric: A Liveblog

Katie Couric taped her big interview with Manti Te'o Tuesday afternoon. It airs today throughout America. Although the Couric/Te'o publicity team has released a handful of advance snippets—Te'o's admission that he lied to the press, voicemails allegedly from Kekua—most of what Te'o and his family will say remains… »1/24/13 3:00pm1/24/13 3:00pm

Report: Tipped Off By Manti Te'o's Agent, ESPN Balked At Publishing Hoax Story Because It Hadn't Landed A TV Interview

ESPN knew something was up about Manti Te'o for six days before our story got published. But just how close did they get to breaking it? The New York Times's Richard Sandomir and Those Guys Have All the Fun co-author Jim Miller posed that question to Vince Doria. »1/22/13 8:28pm1/22/13 8:28pm

Manti Te'o's Mom Tried To Convert Lennay Kekua To Mormonism Via Text Message

According to USA Today, the latest piecemeal bit to be released in this bizarre saga is the revelation that Ottilia Te'o, Manti's mother, tried to convert Lennay to Mormonism via text message. His family also engaged in bible study with Kekua, via text message, which Te'o alluded to with Jeremy Schaap when discussing… »1/21/13 12:15am1/21/13 12:15am