After Complaints, Bengals Abandon Katy Perry Song As Team Anthem

On Monday, the Bengals debuted Katy Perry's "Roar" (tiger-themed!) as the most prominent gameday song, playing it as the team took the field and immediately after the final whistle. Fans weren't happy. After just four days, the team is backing off. Maybe self-affirming power pop isn't the most NFL-appropriate music. » 9/20/13 4:13pm 9/20/13 4:13pm

Katy Perry Seems To Want Tim Tebow's "Peacock"

The temptation of Timmy continues: It's been rumored for weeks that the minister parents of the newly single, girl-kissing Ms. Perry would like to set their daughter up with the wholesome Mr. Tebow. And this weekend, Perry did her part to play along. First, while presenting an award during Saturday night's NFL Honors » 2/06/12 11:35am 2/06/12 11:35am