Riley Cooper Reportedly Knew About Racist Video Before It Was Released

When it was revealed that the video of Riley Cooper threatening to "fight every nigger" at a Kenny Chesney concert was sold to Crossing Broad for a little more than $100, many people asked the same question: Why didn't the person with the video try to sell it to Riley Cooper for what would have likely been a sum much… » 8/05/13 9:48am 8/05/13 9:48am

Eagles WR Riley Cooper At Concert: "I Will Fight Every Nigger Here"

Crossing Broad brings us video of Riley Cooper, the guy who is supposed to replace the injured Jeremy Maclin as the Eagles' No. 2 wide receiver, being a racist hillbilly at a Kenny Chesney concert. » 7/31/13 3:47pm 7/31/13 3:47pm

Redskins Force Kenny Chesney Upon Season Ticket Holders

A few months ago, the Redskins marketing department began the annual, Sisyphean task of convincing people to pay money to watch their team play football eight times. Realizing that this would be a tough sell, especially to those it had tricked before, it threw in a perk: people who renewed their plans before March 1st… » 6/01/11 1:55pm 6/01/11 1:55pm

Your Latest ESPN Sideline Reporter Sex Scandal: Kenny Chesney, Jenn…

So says Star magazine, which caught the duo strolling along the beach in a way that suggests they've strolled along a beach together before. Will this ruin her chances of becoming America's Next Sideline Princess? And— WHAT ABOUT PEYTON? [Star] » 8/18/10 5:00pm 8/18/10 5:00pm

Kenny Chesney Practices with Saints; Undresses Injured Player; Hangs…

Country singer Kenny Chesney, who sometimes seems to make a living as a singer so he can participate in football events, practiced with the New Orleans Saints yesterday » 8/12/08 11:00am 8/12/08 11:00am. Chesney's appearance was not announced to the crowd watching practice, but Chesney ran routes, fielded punts, and did his best to relieve his high…