KSK Blogger Disgraces Washington Post's Pristine Image

The young man in this picture, enjoying himself with the Pittsburgh Parrot, is Michael Tunison. He has two lives. In one, he is Michael Tunison, reporter for The Washington Post. In the other, he is Christmas Ape, one of the crew at Kissing Suzy Kolber and a weekend editor at this here site. Earlier this week, these… » 4/17/08 11:47am 4/17/08 11:47am

The Gay Mafia Invade The Mothership

Oh, hello there. We, the fine gentleman from Kissing Suzy Kolber, » 9/08/07 10:37am 9/08/07 10:37am have been charged with guiding you folks through this, the very first weekend of the NFL season. And we could not be more excited. Not only do we get to watch football, we also get to rush to the computer every five minutes to do HTML formatting! It…

Happy Birthday To The Madmen At KSK

This graphic, whipped up by the great twoeightnine at With Leather, signifies a historic anniversary today: The folks at Kissing Suzy Kolber are celebrating their one-year birthday today. It's rather amazing to think it has just been a year since they spawned; they legitimately made last year's mostly subpar NFL season … » 6/28/07 2:50pm 6/28/07 2:50pm