John Calipari Is Having A Really Great Spring Break In The Big Apple

Earlier this week, after failing to get a nod for the Big Dance, the Kentucky Wildcats–the winningest team in the history of the men's NCAA tournamentlost to Robert Morris in the first round of the National Invitation Tournament. It was a low point. But you know who's cruising right along, content as ever? John… » 3/21/13 5:00pm 3/21/13 5:00pm

Takeru Kobayashi Eating Hot Dogs In Slow Motion Is Just As Gross As…

This video comes to us courtesy of Animal New York, and it features Takeru Kobayashi, everyone's favorite eater in exile, wolfing down 12 hot dogs in 60 seconds. In slow motion. It's pretty gross. Although we must admit that the musical score does add a certain artistic flair. » 12/18/12 12:45pm 12/18/12 12:45pm

Kobayashi Almost Pukes, Smiles At The Cameras, Obliterates Wing Bowl…

Philadelphia's biggest eaters didn't stand a chance this morning against the superhuman maw of Takeru Kobayashi, who set a new Wing Bowl record by eating 337 chicken wings. The old record of 255 wings—set last year by Joey "Super" Squibb—was doomed by the end of the second round, making the final a fait accompli.… » 2/03/12 12:55pm 2/03/12 12:55pm

Kobayashi Somehow Sets A New, Totally Unofficial Hot Dog Eating Record

With the Empire State Building as a backdrop and a drag queen named Mimi Imfurst cracking jokes about stuffing wieners into Anderson Cooper's mouth, Takeru Kobayashi executed an improbably perfect "up yours" to the Nathan's hot dog eating contest, from which he's been barred over a long-running contractual dispute… » 7/04/11 8:50pm 7/04/11 8:50pm

The Lonesome Independence Day Of Kobayashi, Eater In Exile

On a May evening, in a cramped biergarten behind a German restaurant off the Bowery in Manhattan, Takeru Kobayashi sat down to a plate of Rheinischer Sauerbraten mit Kartoffelklößen und Rotkraut. First, he produced a small camera and began photographing the sauerbraten for his blog, where he catalogs his personal… » 7/03/11 10:45pm 7/03/11 10:45pm

No Kobayashi At Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest This Year?

Apparently, there is some contract hold-up and he's not scheduled to compete at this point. MLE president Richard Shea issued the statement below. » 6/28/10 2:30pm 6/28/10 2:30pm

Bad News For You, Hot Dogs

And bad news for you, too, fans of American sports heroes. Your precious Joey Chestnut's going to have a fight on his hands come July 4th. Kobayashi's going to be in Coney Island, his jaw is going to be healthy and lubricated, and he's going to destroy every nitrate- and sodium-filled pork byproduct you put in front… » 6/30/07 12:30pm 6/30/07 12:30pm

Sixty Hot Dogs In 10 Minutes Will Do Wonders On Your Jaw

It's a sad day in the world of competitive eating — and when isn't it a sad day in the world of competitive eating? — because the Babe Ruth of the ingestion of pig lips and assholes, Takeru Kobayashi, is gonna miss the July 4 Coney Island Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. His injury certainly makes a bit of sense. » 6/25/07 11:45am 6/25/07 11:45am