​The Reluctant Man's Guide To Shaving Your Legs

Though it may be hard to picture, there may come a day when you will have to shave your hairy, manly legs. Maybe you want to see if you can cut some time off your 200m breaststroke. Maybe all your serious cycling buddies are doing it. Maybe you want to look especially fabulous for your company's annual drag cabaret.… » 1/16/15 11:05am 1/16/15 11:05am

Shorts Are Not For Cool People

Earlier today, celebrated thinkpiece writer Hamilton Nolan made some sounds over on middling Deadspin aggregator Gawker, claiming that "it is still fine for men to wear shorts." Young Nolan is correct, as things go. » 9/02/14 3:46pm 9/02/14 3:46pm

This Is What Your Legs Look Like After A Stage Of The Tour de France

Bartosz Huzarski posted this picture of his veiny-ass legs to Facebook after completing the 145 km 18th stage of the Tour de France. It is disgusting and these are the grossest legs we've seen since George Hincapie showed up with a mess of veins on his leg that looked like Santa Claus. » 7/26/14 12:10pm 7/26/14 12:10pm

Martin St. Louis Does Not Skip Leg Day

It's not the first time we've marveled over the 38-year-old Lightning winger's massive quads. And it won't be the last, because if we don't he'll use them to crack our heads like so many chestnuts. » 9/13/13 5:55pm 9/13/13 5:55pm

This Is Your Leg. This Is Your Leg On Cycling.

The human body was never designed to complete something like the Tour de France, let alone 15 of them. George Hincapie, best known as the longtime wingman/minion of Lance Armstrong, now sports a gnarly leg in the original sense of the word. » 7/08/11 11:55am 7/08/11 11:55am

Care To See What A Female Tennis Player's Musculature Looks Like In…

As part of their examination into how "power" has transformed women's tennis, the Times included a video gallery of several players returning volleys in slow-motion. It's as neat as it is intimidating and shaming. [NYT] » 8/25/10 1:50pm 8/25/10 1:50pm

Poor Lawrence Tynes

The Giants' kicker was forced to show off his hamstring flexibility with The Rockettes (and Santa!) in the middle of the 6th Avenue to prove his knee is fully rehabilitated from last year. Coughlin's a tough sonuvabitch. [Best Week Ever] » 8/26/09 1:35pm 8/26/09 1:35pm