ESPN's Adam Schefter Has The Most Adorable Facebook Page

Facebook rolled out its Timeline feature earlier this year, and the redesign makes the site even creepier than it was before. Facebook transformed from a site obsessed with one's present to a site obsessed with one's present and one's past. Users are meant to delineate major life events and use Timeline as a chronicle… » 8/14/12 10:30am 8/14/12 10:30am

Of Course The Pill-Popping Couple Charged With Four Pharmacy Murders…

Per the New York Daily News, "A pill-popping, gun-loving Army vet and his junkie wife were charged Wednesday night in the cold-blooded massacre of four innocent people at a Long Island pharmacy. David Laffer and Melinda Brady were hauled out of his mother's Medford, L.I., house in handcuffs after heavily armed Suffolk… » 6/23/11 12:15am 6/23/11 12:15am

Maybe Next Time He'll Use Mapquest

Welcome to Long Island; a primitive, lawless land where roving gangs of youth sports parents will take you down like a wounded wildebeast. Snake Pliskin won't even go in there anymore. Last week we told you of the inspiring story of two mob-connected brothers who beat up a Little League coach for benching an… » 10/24/07 4:40pm 10/24/07 4:40pm