The Cops Don't Care About Violent Online Threats. What Do We Do Now?

I. "Hey Anna, do you like pizza?" I was just sitting down to dinner one evening this past November when I looked through some new Twitter notifications on my phone. My night, I realized regretfully, was about to get very, very stupid. » 1/29/15 4:04pm 1/29/15 4:04pm

That Time My Job Involved Tossing Dead Babies Into a Crematory

The nightmare revealer of madness unknown,
Of fetuses cooked for the Satanists' feast,
Old witches look on as a baby reveals,
A stretch of her leg to the lust of the Beast.
» 9/19/14 11:43am 9/19/14 11:43am

Kobe Bryant Is A Robot Sage Hellbent On Winning Everything

Chris Ballard went long on Kobe Bryant for Sports Illustrated and it's an illuminating look into the extent of Kobe's mania for winning. He values winning so much more than everything else, even being liked by his own teammates, that when asked to describe him in three words Steve Nash chose "mother fucking asshole." » 8/23/14 4:03pm 8/23/14 4:03pm

The 10 Worst New Yorker #Longreads

The New Yorker, a magazine, has just opened its Internet "archives" (dating back to 2007) as a readers' jubilee in advance of its upcoming move to the world of paywalled journalism, three months hence. So much New Yorker to muck around in! So many words! So many stories! So many stories with so many words in them! » 7/24/14 2:50pm 7/24/14 2:50pm

My 14-Hour Search for the End of TGI Friday's Endless Appetizers

What if I told you that mozzarella sticks never had to end? That for $10, you could eat for free (for $10) for the rest of your natural life? That there exists a spot in the space-time continuum in which it is always Friday? That there are free refills on all Slushes™ excluding Red Bull® branded items?… » 7/18/14 11:33am 7/18/14 11:33am

Deadspin 2013: All The Stuff You Didn't Have Time To Read

Here are the best longish stories we published this year. You probably didn't have time to read them the first time around, so take a a few moments now to dive into some of our best stuff. » 12/16/13 6:04pm 12/16/13 6:04pm

Finding Goatse: The Mystery Man Behind the Most Disturbing Internet…

Sometime in the late 20th century a naked man bent over, spread his ass and took a picture. Eventually that picture, known as Goatse, became one of the most venerable memes in internet history. Who is this man, and how did his ass take over the internet? » 12/13/13 4:36pm 12/13/13 4:36pm

What Hollywood Stuntmen Can Teach You About Surviving The Apocalypse

Surviving the apocalypse could come down to a single car chase, or a long war with mutant bikers. Sam Sheridan spent three years training for armageddon for his book Disaster Diaries: How I learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Apocalypse and explains how he learned to prepare with help from Hollywood's stunt drivers. » 5/08/13 1:53pm 5/08/13 1:53pm

Grantland just dropped nearly 20,000 words from the great Brian Phillips on the Iditarod. If we said we had read it and it was great we would be lying, because reading it will take a couple hundred lunch breaks or so, but we can probably bet that it is great. The layout itself is beautiful. [Grantland] » 4/24/13 12:35pm 4/24/13 12:35pm

"After thinking about it for a while, he says he realized what it was. 'That was the day that Nancy Grace's nipple popped out on TV,' he says. 'Her nipple popping out was what caused that home run'": Michael J. Mooney profiles a post-surgery Brandon McCarthy, whom he calls "the model of what we were told the modern,… » 3/29/13 11:05am 3/29/13 11:05am

Deadspin's 2012 Long Reads: Everything We Wrote That You Didn't Have…

We aren't just dick jokes and cock shots. We also do our best to publish as much quality longform sports journalism as we can. Here are the best longish stories we published this year, many of which you probably didn't have time to read the first time around. » 12/26/12 1:00pm 12/26/12 1:00pm

"We're On A Fucking Roll, Dude": The 1993 Profile Of Lenny Dykstra That…

Originally published as "Lips Gets Smacked" in the January 1993 issue of Philadelphia Magazine and later anthologized in The Best American Sports Writing 1994. Reprinted here with the author's permission and his addendum at bottom. » 5/16/11 4:00pm 5/16/11 4:00pm

How NASCAR Conquered America Through The Air

Greg Lindsay is the co-author of the forthcoming Aerotropolis: The Way We'll Live Next, which argues that air travel has a lot more to do with your daily life than you might think. In this outtake from the book, he describes how NASCAR teams took to the skies as the sport expanded nationally over the last decade. » 2/21/11 10:30am 2/21/11 10:30am