The Sporting News Is Going Online-Only

The Sporting News announced today that they're done with their print magazine—they'll be all-digital from now on, aside from a handful of sport preview yearbooks. There's not a whole lot to say about this change (aside from the unpleasant reality that some layoffs presumably accompany it). If nothing else, TSN has… » 12/11/12 10:45am 12/11/12 10:45am

Why Did Sports Illustrated Colorize Baylor's Black Uniforms? [UPDATE: SI

Today the Dallas Morning News photography blog noted something interesting about last week's issue of Sports Illustrated: in the "Leading Off" section, a photo from Baylor's upset win over Kansas State shows the Bears wearing green jerseys. Baylor's jerseys are, usually, green. But they wore black unis against… » 11/29/12 5:20pm 11/29/12 5:20pm

Breaking Down The Athletes Of The Time 100

Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People list is out, and I checked, you aren't on it. But some athletes are! But how did they get there? How can a pro athlete who's not Muhammad Ali or Jackie Robinson or Maximus from Gladiator possibly qualify as "influential?" Time's metric for selection is top secret, but I… » 4/18/12 3:45pm 4/18/12 3:45pm

Amazingly, The Lenny Dykstra Success Story Has Hit A Snag

So, you know Lenny Dykstra is supposed to be some kind of financial genius even though, uh, he kind of looks like he'd have a difficult time tying his shoes? Bewildering, right? Well, his magazine for the rich athlete, The Players Club, put out its first issue but has struggled with its second, to the point that… » 5/02/08 11:40am 5/02/08 11:40am