Flavia Pennetta Can Return Any Shot Maria Sharapova Hits

Flavia Pennetta took down second-seeded Maria Sharapova 3-6, 6-3, 6-2 at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells because of hard work like this. Pennetta returns what could have been a winner, returns an overhead smash, and probably would've returned a second overhead smash if an official hadn't gotten in her way. That… »3/17/15 11:25pm3/17/15 11:25pm

BBC Apologizes For Shitty Thing It Said About Bartoli And Her Dad

Today, gentlemen, we were reminded why we lug our reputations as troglodytes well into the 21st century. A woman named Marion Bartoli proved athletic enough to win a singles title at Wimbledon and was thereupon described to BBC Radio 5 listeners as something other than "a looker." Because, you see, it is not enough to… »7/06/13 4:22pm7/06/13 4:22pm

Roger Federer Is Out At Wimbledon In Craziest Second Round Ever

Something called Sergiy Stakhovsky just defeated Roger Federer in four sets at Wimbledon, which is less a tournament at this point than it is one of those Agatha Christie books where bodies keep piling up around some quaint English vicarage. Where do we start? Rafael Nadal got knocked out Monday. Maria Sharapova lost… »6/26/13 3:44pm6/26/13 3:44pm

It's Women's Semis Day At The U.S. Open. Let's Watch It Together

Every year, the Friday after Labor Day provides a pretty awesome respite: Two women's U.S. Open semifinals, played in the middle of the afternoon. It helps shorten the already short week. First up: French Open champ Maria Sharapova against Aussie Open champ Victoria Azarenka. Then we've got Serena Williams taking on… »9/07/12 2:35pm9/07/12 2:35pm

Tastes Like Sugarpova: Deadspin's 2011 U.S. Open Preview

For two weeks every year, hardened New Yorkers become prissy tennis fans, and Queens—not the Bronx—becomes the sports capital of the Big Apple. You could argue that the U.S. Open is, perennially, the biggest sporting event in New York, with the possible exceptions of the '94 Rangers-Knicks run and 2000 Subway Series.… »8/26/11 4:50pm8/26/11 4:50pm