A Long List Of Sports Figures Who've Also Claimed Their Twitter Was…

As soon as Rep. Anthony Weiner first acknowledged his roiling Twitter-bulge scandal with a desperate "I've been hacked" defense last week, we knew he was guilty. "I've been hacked" is the first refuge of a cock-Tweeter. Weiner isn't the first to mistakenly send a private Twitter flirtation to a relative stranger.… » 6/07/11 2:25pm 6/07/11 2:25pm

Mark Madsen Caught In A Web Of Cyber Intrigue

You may have seen the item on a man who hacked markmadsen.com in order to sell it to White Vanilla himself. But it's worth delving into it to debate just what is the most insane part of this story. » 8/05/09 2:00am 8/05/09 2:00am

Somewhere Mark Madsen Is Crying

Goofy, gawky white guys lose control of themselves once they grace the stage at Memorial Coliseum to collect their trophies. Pau Gasol shows off his patented ostrich two-step and Kobe laughs at the Haters during today's public celebration. » 6/17/09 6:30pm 6/17/09 6:30pm

Kevin McHale: Global Warming Denialist?

"25 years ago it was Global Cooling and they were telling us we were going to freeze to death....so when they tell you all about global warming don't worry about it." [Mad Dog Blog] » 4/19/09 12:05pm 4/19/09 12:05pm

Mark Madsen's "Text Messages With The Stars"

Someone just directed us to Mark Madsen's blog — we honestly had no idea he had a blog; a star of such caliber, too! — and pointed out this particularly amusing entry about a cellphone text message he sent to Robert Horry last year, after Horry's huge 3-pointer for the Spurs in the NBA Finals: » 1/09/06 2:29pm 1/09/06 2:29pm