Now Jerry Sandusky's Adopted Son Says He Was Abused And Would Have Testified Against Him

Matt Sandusky lived with Jerry and Dottie Sandusky as a foster child before being adopted by them when he was 18. Shortly after he moved into the Sandusky home, Matt burned down a barn and attempted suicide, and his life's been marked by episodes of unstable behavior ever since. In November, shortly after the initial… »6/21/12 5:40pm6/21/12 5:40pm


Jerry Sandusky's Adopted Son Was Once Arrested For Repeatedly Calling Someone An "Ass-Licker"

Jerry Sandusky has six adopted children. One of them is Matt. He's a Second Mile kid who burned down a barn as a teenager and attempted suicide as a foster child in the Sandusky home in 1995. Plenty has been reported about Matt's unstable behavior, which includes several stalking and harassment incidents. Matt first… »12/20/11 4:40pm12/20/11 4:40pm