Have Rio's U.S. Gymnastics Darlings Already Arrived? Meet Katelyn Ohashi And Simone Biles

WORCESTER, Mass.—None of the stars from the "Fierce Five," the highly meme-able gold medal team from the London Games, competed in Worcester for the American Cup last weekend. The American Cup is the only international gymnastics competition held in the U.S., but these girls are still on the final leg of London promo:… »3/06/13 4:30pm3/06/13 4:30pm

We Are Impressed With These Expressions By McKayla Maroney And Barack Obama

There are some things I would be as an Olympic medalist, you tell yourself. You'd chaperone your medal to kids in hospitals, and perform random feats of strength and speed for strangers who recognized you, smiling for flip-phone camera shots in terrible lighting. You'd make sure to have a funny Lochte anecdote that… »11/17/12 12:18pm11/17/12 12:18pm

Women's Gymnastics Team Teaches Jenna Bush How To Dougie Like A Gold Medalist

I guess when you're the Team USA women's gymnastics squad and you've just completed an incredible run through the team and individual competitions, you're allowed some free time to just hang around London, chill out on the roof of a double-decker bus, and teach one of George W. Bush's daughters how to Dougie while a »8/09/12 9:15am8/09/12 9:15am

Relive McKayla Maroney's Phenomenal Vault In Super-Slow Motion

While judges found room for deductions for which it seems nobody else can, McKayla Maroney's vault early in today's women's team gymnastics final was still strong enough to set an unstoppable pace that resulted in the United States taking gold. (It wasn't a surprise she nailed the vault, though, if you've been… »7/31/12 9:30pm7/31/12 9:30pm