This Photo Is An April Fools' Joke, But We Wish It Weren't

No, Hank the dog did not bite one of the Milwaukee Brewers sausage racers on the dick, but we really wish he had. The photo, which has been floating around Twitter today, is from an obviously joke-y post on But the fact that this photo is fake doesn't mean that Hank the dog isn't still the best dog. » 4/01/14 4:25pm 4/01/14 4:25pm

Hank The Dog Runs In A Milwaukee Brewers Sausage Race

Hank the dog continues to solidify his status as the world's best baseball doggie. Today, Hank the dog got to face off against the Brewers' famous sausage racers, an honor that has surely never previously been bestowed upon a stray dog who survived being hit by a car. » 2/26/14 4:41pm 2/26/14 4:41pm

Atlanta-Milwaukee Brawl Was Brewing For Three Months

An awful lot to unpack from last night's Brewers-Braves bench-clearing scrum/fracas/donnybrook/other term that only gets used for baseball near-brawls. It started after Carlos Gomez took his time rounding the bases after homering off Paul Maholm, jawing at three different Braves along the way. But if you ask Gomez, it… » 9/26/13 9:01am 9/26/13 9:01am