Alex Rodriguez Talking Baseball Is Great

Ken Rosenthal has a story on Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius wowing his new teammates with his defensive prowess, which is especially impressive considering they've had a pylon at short for the last two decades. But the real gold comes from Alex Rodriguez, who gives his impressions of Gregorius in pure scouting… » 3/26/15 11:15am Thursday 11:15am

MLB Investigating Claim That Marlins Pitcher Jarred Cosart Bet On Sports

We have no idea if Jarred Cosart bets on sports. (Maybe you do! Let's talk.) MLB doesn't either, but it intends to find out. After last nights emergence of screenshots of Twitter messages claiming to show the Marlins starter talking bets, MLB has announced that its Department of Investigations will look into the… » 3/25/15 11:30am Wednesday 11:30am

José Abreu Is Baseball's Most Interesting Boring Star

Every now and then a sportswriter, worrying over why baseball isn't as popular with the youngs as it once was/could be, will cite the blandness of the modern star as one of the great problems facing the game. Recently, for instance, the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo cited Reggie Jackson, Barry Bonds, and Hawk Harrelson… » 3/24/15 5:08pm Tuesday 5:08pm

First Baseman Tags Out Two For Solo Double Play ... At Third Base

With runners at first and third and no outs in today's spring training game against the Braves, Cardinals second baseman Kolten Wong hit a little blooper thing down the first base line. Braves first baseman Joey Terdoslavich spotted Yadier Molina hung up between third and home, so he sprinted across the diamond to… » 3/21/15 5:25pm 3/21/15 5:25pm