When's The Last Time You Cried About Sports?

Yesterday morning, Will from Queens phoned into Mike Francesa and couldn’t hold back his sobs over the swirl of emotion surrounding the Mets’ playoff hopes, Ruben Tejada’s health, and the biggest start of Matt Harvey’s career. It’s worked out well for Will so far—he’ll be at the game tonight—but it got me wondering:… »10/12/15 5:32pmYesterday 5:32pm

Report: Chase Utley Could Be Available To Play Tonight

Hoo boy. MLB’s suspension of Chase Utley was announced after 9:00 last night, fewer than 24 hours before tonight’s Mets-Dodgers Game 3. Utley has the right to appeal, and he’s exercising it—but he and the MLBPA want more time to prepare than MLB has given him. If Utley’s appeal isn’t heard today, his suspension won’t… »10/12/15 11:05amYesterday 11:05am

Ruben Tejada Carted Off Field With Broken Leg After Brutal Takeout Slide From Chase Utley

A takeout slide from Chase Utley that didn’t even start until the Dodgers pinch hitter had reached second base broke up a double play but left Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada on a medical cart to be removed from the field. To add insult to injury, umpires refused to grant Tejada the neighborhood play and declared Utley… »10/10/15 11:53pmSaturday 11:53pm

The Wild Card Game Is Incredibly Cruel, Usually To The Pirates

Before the 2012 season, Major League Baseball changed the playoff format that had been in place for almost 20 seasons. Instead of four teams from each league advancing to the postseason, five now do with the two best non-division winners facing off in a one-game playoff to advance to the League Division Series. »10/08/15 2:20amThursday 2:20am