Jason Whitlock Is Sad He Can't Win A Pulitzer, So We Made A Special Prize For Him

We at Deadspin can't bear the thought of hardworking, important, tell-it-like-it-is writers being denied the pleasure of winning major awards. That's why we were so heartbroken this morning for Fox Sports columnist and nascent dwarf planet Jason Whitlock, who took to his alma mater's daily newspaper to pour out his… »2/07/13 11:10am2/07/13 11:10am

Dan Snyder Does An Interview! (For His Own TV Show. With A Fifth Grader.)

The last time Dan Snyder subjected himself to the terrifying bright lights of a studio interview, it was June, and it was bullshit. Back then, he went on the D.C. affiliates of FOX and NBC and agreed to pretend that his flack, Tony Wyllie, hadn't planted every single question. It was so scripted that the two… »10/21/11 12:25pm10/21/11 12:25pm

Look At This U-18 Canadian Water Polo Player Trying To Blow Up A Vancouver Police Cruiser

There goes your scholarship, boyo. The intelligent young man you see here neglecting to cover his face with his hood but flashing some nifty Nike Dunk Highs(?) has been identified as Nathan Kotylak, who plays the sport of water polo at a very impressive level and looks remarkably at ease lighting a rag stuffed in the… »6/17/11 5:10pm6/17/11 5:10pm

Dan Snyder's Latest Media Blitz Makes Everyone Look Like A Simpering Ass

Dan Snyder doesn't do many interviews. The reason: When Dan Snyder opens his mouth, he embarrasses himself. The Redskins owner appears comfortable only when speaking in sound bites about how his blood runs "burgundy and gold." So it came as a surprise last week when Snyder sat down with the DC affiliates of FOX and… »6/01/11 11:35am6/01/11 11:35am