The Professional Is Deeply Problematic, Profoundly Cool, And Very '90s

Imagine the elevator pitch for The Professional. “Okay, so we’ve got this hitman, right? Only he’s not a cool hitman: He’s great at killing, but he’s also childlike, off-kilter, possibly on the spectrum. He doesn’t really have any friends or talk to anyone outside of ‘work.’ We’ll make sure he doesn’t speak English… » 5/15/15 12:04pm 5/15/15 12:04pm

Hammer Of The Gods: Thor: The Dark World, Reviewed.

1. It's funny how many of the Avengers are stiffs. Sure, Iron Man is all wry and meta, and The Hulk, particularly as played by Mark Ruffalo, has genuine pathos and pain, along with a dark sense of humor about his whole predicament. Then there are the rest of them. Captain America is a cheesy dope with a cheerfully… » 11/05/13 5:28pm 11/05/13 5:28pm