Jahlil Okafor Lays Bare One Of The Flaws With The Process

Nothing good ever happens after midnight. Nothing good ever happens after midnight. Nothing good ever happens after midnight. The saying isn’t actually true—many of the best things happen after midnight, in fact—but it’s a mantra Jahlil Okafor would’ve done well to internalize over the past two months, as it seems… »Yesterday 8:44pm11/30/15 8:44pm

Michael Jordan's Ghost Is Retiring, At Fucking Last

This will be Kobe Bryant’s final season. He announced it yesterday, and the news made me think, instantly, of Michael Jordan. The last, greatest, and most devoted of his followers is passing; it’s the latest and most final-seeming of his many deaths, the destruction of his last on-court horcrux. Do you think Kobe… »Yesterday 3:00pm11/30/15 3:00pm

Kevin Durant Blasts Media For Criticizing Kobe Bryant

If Derek Jeter’s retirement tour is any guide, Kobe Bryant’s final season is going to be a victory lap, with everyone competing to fawn over the career of a guy who, admittedly, was one of the most important players in the modern NBA. But that’s not enough for Kevin Durant, who took the media to task for not getting… »Yesterday 1:57pm11/30/15 1:57pm

Hassan Whiteside Pens Moving Tribute To Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant’s retirement announcement will surely bring an outpouring of tributes from his fellow players, both young and old. A lot of these guys grew up idolizing Bryant, and now they have to say goodbye. What does one even say in this situation? How do you even begin to thank Kobe for all that he’s done for the… »Yesterday 10:09am11/30/15 10:09am

Lopez Twins Say They Won't Live Together Because Their Cats Fight Too Much

Brook and Robin Lopez are notoriously tight. They hosted an NBA blooper reel show for Disney this summer, once skipped out on Stanford practice together to head to Disneyland, and they are apparently writing partners who are working on a pilot or two. So you’d think that they would want to live together once Robin… »Sunday 11:20am11/29/15 11:20am

Russell Westbrook On Former Teammate Reggie Jackson: "Who?"

Reggie Jackson left the Oklahoma City Thunder under contentious circumstances last season. He wanted the minutes and opportunities of a starting player, so he was not the ideal player to back up Russell Westbrook, and it really harmed the Thunder’s chemistry last season. After he got shipped out to Detroit, Westbrook… »Saturday 11:40am11/28/15 11:40am

Report: Jahlil Okafor Had A Gun Pulled On Him Outside A Club In October

According to a report from, Sixers rookie big man Jahlil Okafor had a gun pulled on him last month outside of a Philadelphia club. They talked to witnesses, who described a scene wherein Okafor tried to punch someone sitting in the driver’s seat of a parked car, followed by one of the people in the car… »Saturday 11:19am11/28/15 11:19am

Jason Kidd Tossed For Slapping Ball Out Of Ref's Hands

The Milwaukee Bucks—a popular preseason pick to make some noise in the Eastern Conference after signing Greg Monroe—fell to 6-9 Wednesday night after losing to the DeMarcus Cousins-less Sacramento Kings at home. Late in the fourth quarter head coach Jason Kidd’s frustration boiled over, and he slapped the ball out of… »Thursday 1:00am11/26/15 1:00am