The Patriots Are Sketchy And Deserve Scrutiny

Monday night’s Buffalo Bills-New England Patriots game was a primetime display of shoddy officiating. The most egregious instance involved an inadvertent whistle on a Danny Amendola catch that would have been a huge gain, if not a touchdown, but Gene Steratore’s crew bungled other plays throughout the night. Maybe it… »Yesterday 1:22pm11/25/15 1:22pm


Report: Bad Call At End Of Patriots-Bills Game Was Because Official Forgot He Wasn't In College

The inadvertent whistle is justly getting most of the attention, but the Patriots’ 20-13 win over the Bills was a terrible game all around for the zebras. And the Boston Globe has a source in the referees’ union who blames the blown call on the final play of the game on an official who mixed up a college rule with an… »Tuesday 1:09pm11/24/15 1:09pm

What's Wrong With NFL Officiating?

It’s getting exhausting emerging from each weekend with our choice of questionable and downright bad refereeing decisions to analyze, but it feels unavoidable these days. I don’t know if it’s confirmation bias or if it’s real, but NFL officiating feels as bad this season as it’s ever been. Last night’s 20-13 Patriots… »Tuesday 9:26am11/24/15 9:26am

Report: NFL Investigated Patriots Sideline Staff After Jets Complaint

During last Sunday’s 30-23 win over the New York Jets, the NFL interrogated three Kraft Sports employees on the Patriots sideline after the Jets complained about radio communication systems. According to a report from the Boston Herald, NFL officials looked into the three employees and determined there was no… »10/31/15 12:35pm10/31/15 12:35pm

Boomer Esiason Says Jets Swept Locker Room For Bugs Before Pats Game, Is Probably Full Of Shit

Former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason stirred some shit on his daily radio show this morning when he claimed that the Jets asked the NFL to sweep the visiting locker room for bugs before their Oct. 25 away game against the Patriots. That was quite a bomb for Esiason to drop, but it was probably bullshit. »10/30/15 12:08pm10/30/15 12:08pm

Report: Tom Brady's Personal Guru Was Sued For Fraud Twice

One of the highlights revealed in the Tom Brady email dump was his adherence to the teachings and theories of one Alex Guerrero. Guerrero is Brady’s business partner, body coach, and friend, and Brady has defended Guerrero even as numerous allegations of fraud have come out against him. The FTC investigated Guerrero… »10/24/15 1:00pm10/24/15 1:00pm

The Colts' Trick Play Was Even More Of A Mess Than We Realized

The Indianapolis Colts’ failed “swinging gate” play was one of the goofier and funnier moments in recent memory. But punter Pat McAfee has gone into more detail on what was supposed to happen—and what went horribly wrong—and the intent behind the play makes a little more sense. The execution, however, was even more… »10/20/15 1:29pm10/20/15 1:29pm

Here's How Tom Brady Pushes His Sketchy Body Guru On People

Boston Magazine published a lengthy story today on Alex Guerrero, who is Tom Brady’s personal body coach, TB12 business partner, counselor, and—according to court records—a modern snake-oil salesman. The FTC investigated products promoted by Guerrero twice, the magazine reports, and in both cases the FTC found that… »10/09/15 8:38pm10/09/15 8:38pm